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Attractions in Warangal

Lord Shiva temple - This temple is located in the middle of the city in an area called the ‘fort’. The remains here include the large, beautifully carved stone entrance gateways to the almost square enclosure, inverted slabs, smashed columns, brackets and ceiling panels, many of which are still being unearthed.

Siva Rudreshwara temple, Warangal

Khush Mahal - An indication to a glorious past is the Khush Mahal, a masterpiece built by Shitabh Khan. Located close to the Warangal Fort, this splendid edifice houses idols excavated in the surrounding areas.

Siva Rudreshwara temple - The most spectacular attraction of Warangal remains the Chalukya style “1000-pillar” Sri Rudreshwara Temple built in 1163 AD on the slopes of the Hanamakonda Hill. The temple has beautiful carvings and a low, compact temple, built on several stepped platforms.

Quick Getaways near Warangal

Pakhal - This is located 50 kms from Warangal. This is a wild life sanctuary stretching around 860 Kms. Surrounded by dense forests, you will find quite a few species of animals including tigers, leopards and hyena.

Ramappa temple - Placed on a 6 feet high platform, there are many subshrines within this temple. The entire temple complex is enclosed in a compound wall. At the entrance to the temple is a ruined Nandi mandapam, with an enormous 9 feet high Nandi still intact. The entire temple is a work of art. There are profuse carvings in the temple depicting a wide range of themes from the puranas and elsewhere. The festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated for three days in this temple. There were originally three temples - Kateswara, Kameswara and Rudreswara , of which only the last remains . Its famed Mandakini
Ramappa temple, Warangal
figures of female dancers, which appear on brackets at the fore entrances, display its rich culture.

Getting There & Away to Warangal

Flights to Warangal
The nearest airport to Warangal is Hyderabad (141 kms) connected by regular flights with Bombay, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam.
Trains to Warangal Warangal is linked to all important cities in India by rail.
Car and Bus service to Warangal
This place is connected by road to numerous places including Amaravati, Armur, Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and others. It also has regular bus services to almost all Indian cities.

Getting Around to Warangal

Coaches, auto rickshaws, taxis and local buses are available for transport within the city.
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