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Warangal The Destination

Warangal Temples

One hundred kilometers from Hyderabad is located the historical city of Warangal which was once the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty. The Kakatiyas were great patrons of art and architecture, which is why the city today is known for its beautiful lakes, ornate temples and wildlife.

One of the best-known works of art is the 1000 pillared temple on the slopes of the Hanumakonda hill and the Bhadrakali temple. The 1000 pillared star shaped triple shrine temple is dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, Surya and has impressive rock cuts of elephants and Nandi.

Set on a hill-top between Hanamkonda and Warangal, The Bhadrakali temple is noted for its stone image of the Goddess Kali, here shown in a sitting posture. She is depicted with eight arms and carries a weapon in each hand.

Another important monument in Warangal is the fort built by the Kakatiyas. It has four decorative gateways of remarkable beauty. The outer walls are built of mud bricks, and the inside is fortified by stonewalls in which many carved stones are found. These carved stoned are believed to have been taken out of the destroyed Chalukyan temples.

Rightfully described as the "brightest star in the galaxy of medieval temples in the Deccan," a visit to Ramappa temple at Palampet will be simply breathtaking. Rich, intricate carvings, each telling a story of its own, adorn the walls, pillars and ceilings of this marvellous edifice.

Warangal is not the sort of place you would ordinarily take time out for but it is certainly a place that you would not like to miss.

Warangal - Facts at a Glance

State : Andhra Pradesh
Area : 54.98 sq. kms
Temperature : Summer- Max. 39.6°C and Min. 23.2°C
Winter- Max. 30°C and Min. 13.5°C
Rainfall : 82.5 cm
Language : Telegu, Kannada, Hindi, English
Best Season : September to February

History of Warangal

The ancient name of Warangal was known to be Orugallu or Omtikonda on account of huge boulder like hillock situated near the Swayambhu Siva Temple. In course of time, it was called as "Orugallu", and finally known as Warangal. The city was probably designed during the reigns of King Ganapatideva (1199-1262) and his daughter Rudrammadevi (until 1294). The control of the city varied between Hindus and Muslims but between the 14th and 15th centuries Warangal saw a steady reign under the Bahmani rulers. Thereafter, it again repeatedly changed hands. Though many of Warangal’s temples were destroyed during this period, it is still famous for the remains of it’s temples its lakes and wildlife, and for its three circuits of fortifications.

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