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Varanasi or Banaras, since ages has been famous for the handicraft items. The delicate and intricate work on the sarees, carpets, wooden works are unmatched. The famous Banarasi Silk Sarees and Brocades are particularly popular purchases.

The local silk weavers produce the silk which is in demand not only in India but across the world. The Bhadohi carpets can match the delicacy of weaving in any part of the world. Banaras has been famous for the  Gharanas  in the Classical Music and Singing . These styles of
Banarasi Silk Sarees in Varanasi
singing and music have been amply supported by the musical instruments which are manufactured in Varanasi.

Apart from the Silk Sarees, Brocades and Carpets Banaras also offers you Brassware, copperware, Ivoryware, stone inlay work, Glass beads and bangles, wood and clay toys, Zari work and exquisite gold jewellery. The main shopping areas of the city are the City chowk, Godoulia, Vishwanath lane, Gyan Vapi, Thatheri Baazar, Dasashvamedh, Goldhar and Lahurabir.

Events in Varanasi

Chittirai Festival - The Chittirai festival celebrates the marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara (Shiva). Held in the months of April/May, the festival is a grand affair. The festivities last for 12 continuous days. An elaborate wedding ceremony is organised in the Meenakshi temple, and later the deities are wheeled around the city in massive chariots, ornamented elaborately. The resounding notes of the nadaswaram and the drums create a vibrant ambience.

Avanimoola Festival - Held in late August or early September, the Avanimoola festival marks the coronation of Sundareshwara (Shiva). The special feature of the festival is its series of plays based on the legend of the temple. The coronation of the deity and the procession of the images all form an integral part of this elaborate festival.

Teppam Festival or the Float Festival - Usually held during January/February in the Meenakshi Temple, Teppam festival or the Float festival is one of the most important festivals of Varanasi. The last two days of the 12-day festival are specially marked as the King's Festival. The images of Meenakshi and Lord Sundareshwara are mounted on floats or rafts, and taken to the Mariamman Teppakkulam Tank. The illuminated rafts embellished with flowers are floated on the waters of the tank. The floats carry them back to the central shrine amidst chants and music.

Getting There & Away to Varanasi

Flights to Varanasi Varanasi is well connected to Bhubaneshwar, Lucknow, Agra & Delhi.
Trains to Varanasi Varanasi is connected by rail with all the major cities.
Car and Bus Service to Varanasi
Varanasi has two railway stations-Kashi and Varanasi Junction (also Cantonment Station). Even though there are not many trains running directly between Delhi and Varanasi, most Delhi-Calcutta trains pass through Mughalsarai, which is 10 km south of Varanasi.

Getting Around in Varanasi

Buses, Cycle-rickshaws, Auto-rickshaws are the most common mode of transport.
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