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Varanasi - The Destination


Imagine rising up to the tinkling of half a dozen temple bells. Or witnessing a daily show of sheer beauty, simplicity, mysticism as the sun wakes up to the sounds of a shehnai (a pipe shaped musical instrument) or the hundreds or prayers being released into the world above.

Ghats of varanasi

The holy city of Varanasi, known as the City of Temples and Learning, is a place of great historical and cultural significance. This religious capital of India is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges and is presided over by Lord Shiva. The river-front of the city is adorned by hundreds of well built ghats which is a unique feature. The holy Buddhist place, Sarnath, where Buddha delivered his first sermon on attaining enlightenment, is in its vicinity. Varanasi is the premiere most place of oriental learning, as well as modern advanced knowledge . It has several  universities  and  colleges  teaching  varied

subjects from engineering and medicine to dance and music. Banaras Hindu University, a university of world repute, is situated here. Little wonder then, that this place is also called Kashi, meaning City of Spiritual Light.

The city is reputed for silk fabrics, perfumes, artistic brass and copper wares and a variety of handicrafts. Products of the city include shawls, saris, gold-embroidered cloth, hand-hammered brassware, and heavy gold and silver jewellery. Varanasi is especially known for its fine silk fabrics. The Banarasi silk sarees and brocades are cherished as collector's items across the world. It is also home to the Diesel Locomotive Works of Indian Railways, one of the largest locomotive manufacturing plants in the World.

As an eternal city with a rich and vibrant past, it has no exquisitely carved palaces, no impregnable fort, no architectural splendour but still the city has an inherent charm of its own. The ghats dotted with temples, the maze of alleys along the ghats, what ever Varanasi has is enough to attract you again and again.

Varanasi - Facts at a Glance

State : Uttar Pradesh
Area : 83.05 sq km
Temperature : 32 C – 46 C (Summer)
5 C – 15 C (Winter)
Rainfall : 11.1 cm
Altitude : 80.71 mts
Language : Hindi, English
Best Season : October - March

History of Varanasi

Almost halfway in its long journey from the slopes of the grand Himalayas to the inflamed shore of Bay of Bengal, the muddy waters of the Ganges flow by a city that is five centuries older than Christ. The city finds mention in the great epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. It is a city of temples and for more than 2,500 years, it has attracted pilgrims from near and far. According to Hindu belief, Benaras or Varanasi as it is known, is the cosmic center of the Universe. Its known history dates back to about 3500 hundred years, during which it has continuously been populated. However, Hindus believe that the city is eternal. Varanasi has also been known as Kashi and Benares, but its present name is restoration of an ancient name meaning the city between two rivers - the Varuna and Asi. For the pious Hindu the city has always had a special place.

Down the ages, Varanasi has remained a symbol of Hindu renaissance. Enveloped in an aura of history, religion, and tradition, Varanasi preserved the rituals and traditions of Hindu philosophy. From a time stretching beyond human memory, pilgrims from distant lands have come to Varanasi in search of divine blessings.
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