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Smart Packing Tips

Packing and luggage Safety Tips for United Kingdom, England Britain

It gets real cold during the winters. So if you are planning your trip during this time, make sure you carry layers and layers of clothing. Showers are common throughout the year. And again winters are wetter than summers. So add umbrellas and raincoats to your list. If you are visiting during some other time of the year, an all-weather coat would always come in handy. Of course, a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. Jacket and tie and cocktail dress are required at some of the finer restaurants, just in case you plan to go there. Also some religious sites do not allow shorts or sleeveless shirts.

Transport Tips

London’s public transport network is comprehensive and efficient. The quickest and easiest way around is by the underground tube, which covers a large part of the city. Buses reach every city district, trains criss cross London, the suburbs and the computer driven Docklands Light Railway serves the Docklands. Taxis, pleasure boats and walking are other ways of getting around.

Travel Security Tips for United Kingdom England UK London


If you are going to be in London for a while, you could buy a weekly or a monthly Travelcard. You can buy them for as many zones as you need, but you’ll need a passport sized photograph to obtain these. Ask at any underground station about their cost. Mini cabs are a cheaper option and can be hired from mini cab offices or ordered by telephone, but these drivers are not yet licensed in London. So it’s better not to accept an offer from mini cab drivers touting for business on the street. But if you have to, agree on a fare before you set off.


An excellent road and motorway network means that the country is ideally suited for car touring. The majority of British traffic signs follow international standards. Drive on the left and overtake on the right. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory for driver and front seat passenger. Also for rear-seat passengers, if belts are fitted. You can drive if you have your driving license for up to 12 months from the date of your last entry into the country.


An efficient network of trains makes fast, comfortable and easy travel possible. On the national railway network, services operate frequently to major cities and towns. For long distance journeys, it is really necessary to reserve seats in advance if you are traveling during holiday periods and peak hours. Book once you are here. Most trains have both first and standard (economy) class carriages. Traveling standard class will give you a more than adequate service - spacious seating – some with tables – and use of restaurant or buffet cars serving hot meals, snacks and drinks. Most stations have cafes. Overnight sleeping car-trains traveling across the country are an ideal way to gain a day and save on the hotel charges.

Phone Tips
There are pay phones that accept coins, pre-paid cards and credit cards. Pre-paid cards are available in values from 3 - 20 pounds from post offices, shops and some newsagents. Note that hotels often add a surcharge to the cost of a call – check details before dialing. It is cheaper to call direct from a private phone, such as one’s home.


The choice of accommodation available in Britain is vast, from converted castles or historic country homes with low, wood-beamed ceilings to smart city apartments or cozy cottages. If you are thinking of touring Britain over two or three weeks, why not stay in one place and tour from there? You will see a lot more of the local area and it will be far less tiring too.

Tipping Tips

It really depends upon how happy you are with the service. Bills normally include a service charge. Where the charges are not included, it is customary to give 10-15% of the restaurant bill. You may take tips from the following or just use your discretion:

Portage: 50-75p per suitcase.
Taxis: 10-15% of the fare.
Hairdressers: 2 pounds.
Theaters and petrol stations: Tips are not expected.

Electricity Tips

Britain uses 240 volts. If you have appliances that run on anything different, do purchase a converter. It’s available at most hardware stores.

Shoping Tips
Shopping Tips For the UK England

London offers wonderful department stores and designer boutiques, while the British countryside is known for it's quaint shops and hand-made crafts. Shops are generally open Monday-Saturday 0900-1730, with many shops and stores staying open till 1900 or 2000 on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Many large shops are open for six hours on Sunday between 1000 and 1800, although this is not compulsory and times of opening vary. In small towns and villages, some shops will close for lunch for one hour and there is still an ‘early closing day’ when shops close on one afternoon a week.

Language Tips

It’s England and of course it’s English that’s spoken here. Welsh is spoken in Wales.

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