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Online Travel Tips for Malaysia

Smart Packing Tips

Luggage Packing Travel Safety Tips for Malaysia

This is an equatorial country. And the weather being warm and humid all year round means that u pack as little as possible. Stay light, stay cool. Coz temperatures range from 32?C during the day to 22?C at night. Rain is regular and predictable averaging at 200-250 cm a year so do carry umbrellas, raincoats and slippers. However it does get cooler in highland areas, but that'll demand only medium weight woolens.
This is a culture driven country and so apart from the weather, attitudes also determine what you'll pack and wear. It's partial but it's the law of the land that women when entering mosques and temples cover up a bit more? wear long sleeves, loose pants or long skirts. Not that you won't be allowed in without them but just that, heads may turn.Anyways it's wise to blend in.
Travel Tips
Means of transport are many. And so competition ensures cheap rates and convenience. Places that are not connected by air are connected by rail, road or boat. Renting cars and mobikes is also easy and cheap. You can use your home country's driving license to hire vehicles. Do follow the law and strap on seat belts. Needless to say when on a mobike, wear helmets.

This would be foreign country with unfamiliar traffic situations and so it makes sense. When opting for public transport, such as taxis, do agree on a price before setting off or you may end up paying more than you should.
Air Travel Tips for Malaysia
Handling Money Tips
It’s Ringgit Malaysia (RM) here. One RM is equivalent to 100 cents. Coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 sen and RM1. Currency notes are in RM1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Foreign currency and traveler's checks can be converted to Malaysian Ringgit at banks or money changers all over the country. The approximate exchange rate is USD 1.00 to RM 3.75. International credit cards are widely accepted. But just be sure to carry cash in local currency when you visit smaller towns and remote areas.
Health Travel Tips
Being a warm humid equatorial country, Malaysia is host to many insect and water borne diseases. So vaccinations and inoculations are called for. Do check with your doctor or a tropical Diseases Hospital regarding the same.

Some parts or Malaysia are affected with malaria. So it's a good idea to take precautions. And getting check ups done at the first sign of symptoms. Dengue fever is another mosquito born illness. This can be fatal but only during the second infection. Symptoms include severe headaches, body pains and general weakness. There is no preventative medicine. All the more reason for protection against mosquito bites.

Animal bites can be more serious than you think. Rabies is kind of common. And so if you happen to be bitten by any domestic or wild animal, go for medical assistance quick. Earlier vaccinations are good but further dozes will be needed.

For medical care, there are government hospitals and private clinics in most towns. The staff can generally speak English, so language will not really be a problem. Non-prescription drugs can be bought directly over the counter at pharmacies, super markets and hotels. But do check the expiry date on all medicines.
Action and Adventure Guide
Sure they are dark and spooky and promise a most thrilling time. But just be cautious. The limestone outcrops and hills here are riddled with innumerable caves. Some are easy to explore, meaning you won't get lost but other maze like ones are strictly for the expert cavers. Any which ways never venture into a cave alone. Always carry reliable torches and spare batteries. If you are totally unfamiliar with them, it's a great idea to carry a ball of string and keep unwinding it as you move deeper inside. In this way you'll be able to find your way back easily. It's just like in the mystery books isn't it? Also keep a lookout for rolling stones, not the band, the really rolling ones!

Trekking in the jungles
Not any common jungle this. This is tropical rainforest. The number and variety of insects and suchlike creatures increase manifold here. And so some additional precautions are needed. Arm yourself with strong insect repellents. You'll find leeches galore, especially in warm damp areas. Salt is the best way to do away with them. Sprinkle some and if u don't have salt, burn them off. Long covered clothing helps in these jungles, protecting you from the insects and irritable plants. But again they are not a great way to prevent leeches. They crawl up anyway and so do keep checking? roll down socks and up trousers.

On the beach tips
Malaysia's beaches are just like any other warm tropical beaches. So precautions for skin goes without saying. Sunblocks, sun glasses, wide-brimmed hats. If you have a sensitive skin limit exposure to the sun to a few minutes. Did you know that water magnifies sunrays and so tanning happens with more severity when you are in the waters.

The waters here are safe for any kind of water sports. But again it's always a good idea not to venture out alone. Have people around you or do inform someone before going in. Jellyfish and sea-urchins are common around here, so if stung by one pour some vinegar or limejuice on the sting. It'll help ease the pain and dissolve the urchin spines fast.

Nightlife Tips
Malaysia is generally safe at night. Though all the precautions you would take in any other city applies here too. Sun down has its hazards. So wandering alone in dark alleys all by yourself would be asking for trouble. Women are particularly vulnerable especially if not acceptably dressed.
Eating Tips

Eating and Restaurant Travel Tips for Malaysia

Eating is a delight in Malaysia. You have choice as Malaysia has it all. Malay, Chinese, Indian, western, anything your palate wants. Food hawkers are very popular and offer a great variety. Try "teh tarik", a smoothened, creamed tea, "roti canai", a fluffy pancake. Then there’s spicy hot Malay food, such as "nasi lemak". You can’t be in Malaysia and not try the enormous variety of delicious seafood that it offers.

It is safe to drink water straight from the tap but it doesn’t harm to take precautions in any case. Boil it or buy branded bottled water and you can’t go wrong.
Culture and Body Language
Malaysia is a predominantly Islamic state and so calls for adhering some issues that otherwise would seem trivial in any other country. Women especially will feel restricted as this culture makes such demands. But just for once cease to be judgemental and do take this issue with all seriousness. Dressing up is very very important and will be one factor that could make your trip a smooth pleasant one. Look at it this way, a little effort to comply will earn you a lot of appreciation from the locals and will be seen as a pleasant and friendly gesture.

Cover up as you dress. Wear long sleeves, trousers or long skirts will do fine. All this especially applies to places of worship. A great way to be flexible is to carry a sarong with you so you can just wrap up whenever required. There have been reports of foreign women getting unwanted attention from local men… this is mostly so because of the inaccurate images they get from the media.

Topless bathing is just not done. It’ll be asking for trouble. Even bare torsos for men isn’t seen with a friendly eye. Take cues form the locals.

Islam doesn’t take to alcohol favorably. So do not consume it in public. You’ll be hurting sentiments.

It may seem strange to you using your left hand to give or receive something is considered unclean. Mainly because the left hand is considered to be used for washing after going to the toilet. Also you must eat with your right hand.

As with everywhere else, take off your shoes while entering places of worship or even someone’s house.
Phone Tips
Local calls can be made from public phones of course. They come with both coin and card operated functions. You can make international calls from phone booths with card phone facilities or at any telecom offices. Most hotels are equipped with IDD services with minimal service charge.
Tipping Tips
That’s not a norm here. Smaller restaurants, won’t expect you to tip them. The more up-market and expensive restaurants include a 10% service charge in their bills. Tip bellboys and porters with RM10 to RM20, depending upon the weight and size of the bags. But again its entirely up to you if you really want to tip them. It is not essential.
Electricity Tips
Appliances here run on an electric supply of 240-volt 50-cycle system. If your systems are not compatible then you’ll need to buy suitable adapters.
Here is a cheap convenient place to shop around. Among other products electronic goods are reasonably cheap. Big brands are everywhere but very few would be original stuff. Clothing and shoes, accessories, you’ll get everything here.

It’s a good idea to pick up local made stuff here. Exotic local handicrafts like Batik, gold and silver woven songket cloth, silverware, pewter ware and exquisitely straw woven items are among the many invaluable mementos.

Online Travel Safety Tips for Malaysia
Safety Tips
Malaysia is largely a safe place but it pays to be alert. In case of any unforeseen circumstance, you can turn to Malaysian Tourist Police Unit for help. They are often present at tourist spots for tourists in trouble. A tourist policeman can be spotted by his checkered hat band, dark blue shirt and trousers, and the letter "I" (for ‘Information’) on a red and blue badge on his pocket.

Barring tourist spots, be aware of local thugs who can con you into emptying your pockets. There are scammers who often lure a traveler into their homes on the pretense of meeting a family member who has ties with the home-country of the hapless traveler. The traveler may be asked to join in a simple card game. They let him win a few rounds and soon enough beat him at the game and cashing on the travelers cheques. This is a convenient way to pay off the huge debts that they have incurred over years.
Language Tips
Malay (Behasa Malayu)
Welcome - Selamat Datang
Goodbye - Selamat Tinggal
Farewell - Selamat Jalan
I’m fine - Khabar Kasih
Thankyou - a friendly welcome (same as hello or hi)
You’re welcome - sama sama
Pardon me/ excuse me - maaf
Good Morning - Selamat Pagi
Good Afternoon - Selamat Tenga Hari
Good Evening - Selamat Petang
Good night - Selamat Malam
Please show me - Tolong Tunjukkan Saya
What is its price? - Berapakah Harganya
What? – Apa?
Where - Mana?
How much/many? - Berapa?
What’s your name? - Siapa Namamu
Who’s that? - money
What time is it? Siapa itu?
Where are you going? Nak ke mana?
How are you? Apa Khabar?
Where are you from? Anda Dari Mana?
Where is this place? Dimanakah tempat ini?
Bread– roti
Water - air
Milk - sasu
Sugar - gula
Salt - garam
Butter mentega
Coffee kopi
Tea teh
Chicken ayam
Beef - lembu
Fish - ekan
Vegetables - sayur
Ice - ais
Hot - panas
Cold - sejuk
1 satu
2 dua
3 tiga
4 impat
5 lima
6 enam
7 tujuh
8 lapan
9 sembilan
10 sepuluh

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