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Tiruchirapalli Travel Information

Tiruchirapalli - The Destination

Contrary to popular belief, Tamil Nadu is not just about swaying coconut trees, rice fields and spicy rasam. Situated on the bank of river Cauvery, Tiruchirapalli, the fourth largest city in the State was a citadel of the early Chola dynasty.

Tiruchi is famous for the Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, 10 km away. Built around the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, centuries, this temple has 21 towers and stone pillars with some of the finest carvings. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu, who is portrayed reclining image on the serpent Adisesha, and is paid homage to by thousands of pilgrims everyday. What is particularly fascinating are the wall sculptures that have been made with an acute sense of detail - warriors stabbing their enemies where you can actually see the stone tip  of the  knife  coming  out  through  the concrete skin of the victims
Tiruchirappalli temples
thigh. Or the veins standing out on a delicate hand of a princess playing the tanpura (a stringed musical instrument). Or the bangle that moves up and down the arm of a maid, carved out of a single piece of stone. Although the temple is not open to Non-Hindus after the fourth enclosure, it is still worth the time and effort, to explore the life within the temple premises which nearly encompasses all of the village area of Srirangam.

The Rock Fort is the center of the city and is another remarkable structure. About 83 meters high, the fort dominates the landscape. The Uchi Pillaiyer Temple is dedicated to lord Vinayaka or Ganesha. A total of 344 steps, cut into the rock lead to the temple. There is also the Tyaumanaswami Temple of lord Shiva half way up the hillock. There are also two cave temples in the fort with sculptures dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries. The Sri Jambukeswara Temple, at Tiruvankkaikaval, Srirangam is an island in the Kaveri river, north of Tiruchirapalli.

To sculpt with such love and devotion, such magnificent and mammoth structures is not a task we can link with the contemporary times. A moment spent here is like a plunge into a time gone by, a time full of faith and strength, inexplicable and phenomenal.

Tiruchirapalli - Facts at a Glance

State : Tamil Nadu
Area : 23.26 sq kms
Temperature : 26.4 C – 37.1 C (Summer)
20.6 C – 31.3 C (Winter)
Rainfall : 83.5 cms
Altitude : 78 mts
Language : Tamil, English
Best Season : September - March

History of Tiruchirapalli

Tiruchi has a long history dating back to the centuries before the Christian era when it was a fortress of the Chola dynasty. During the first millennium AD, it changed hands between the Pallavas and Pandyas many times before being captured by the Cholas in the 10th century AD. When the Chola Empire finally declined, Tiruchi passed into the hands of the Vijayanagar kings of Hampi and remained with them until their defeat, in 1565 AD by the forces of the Deccan Sultans.

The city and its fort, as they stand today, were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. It was one of the main centers around which the wars of the Carnatic were fought in the 18th century during the British-French struggle for supremacy in India.

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