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Jama Masjid - The imposing structure of Srinagar's largest mosque, the Jama Masjid or Friday Mosque, is one of the earliest examples of Islamic wood architecture. First constructed in AD 1398, it was successively destroyed by fires and rebuilt thrice. The present building conforms to the original plan. Unlike the Islamic shrines, the Jama Masjid & other Muslim shrines in Kashmir are not topped by a dome. Instead four spires tower above the surrounding rooflines. An enormous doorway below its corresponding spire pierces each of mosque’s massive walls. Four lofty prayer halls are surrounded by 370 pillars, each the size of the deodar tree. The sunlit central courtyard with its pool of water contrasts masterfully with the solemn serenity of the four pillared prayer halls.

RozaBal Mosque - The RozaBal shrine is located in Khanyar, Srinagar and believed by the locals to be the burial place of Jesus Christ!

Pattar Masjid - Across the River Jhelum is situated the Pattar Masjid, built in 1623 for the Empress Noor Jahan. The mosque was later renamed as the Shahi Masjid.

Shankaracharya Temple - It is located at 1100 ft. above surface level of the main city on the Shankaracharya hill, also known as Takht-e-Suleiman. A Lord Shiva temple rebuilt about a 1000 years ago by the patriarch of all godmen, Adi Shankara. The site itself dates back to 2500 BC. It is said the philosopher visited Kashmir as part of his pursuit of propagating Sanatan Dharma. The Shiva temple is believed to have been constructed by Raja Gopadatya in 371 B.C. and as such is the oldest shrine in Kashmir. The Dogra ruler, Maharaja Gulab Singh, constructed stone stairs up to the temple. The temple, besides being a prominent religious place of Hindus, is of great archaeological importance. The temple commands a magnificent panoramic view of the Srinagar city.

Dal Lake - This Lake is 6.4 km long and 4 km wide and is divided into three parts by man-made causeways. The western portion of the lake has an inlet. It is the deepest part of the lake. In the eastern part there are many houseboats available for the tourists. The edges of the lake are full of groves of chinar, poplar and willow. There are gardens along the bank.

Nishat Bagh - The famous Nishat Bagh (Garden of Gladness) lies here . This garden was laid out by Asaf Khan, Noor Jahan's brother , in
Dal Lake in Srinagar
1632.The waterworks in the gardens are a must-see feature.

Chasma Shai - The Chashmashahi or Royal Spring was laid by Jahangir’s son, Emperor Shah Jahan. Prepared in 1632, the Chashmashahi is famous for its natural spring whose water is said to have curative properties. Lined with flowerbeds and chinar trees, the garden has fountains right down the centre.

Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar

Shalimar Bagh - Shalimar Bagh was laid out by Emperor Jahangir for Noor Jahan. This garden is also divided into four terraces and has a water channel running down its centre. On the topmost terrace is the pavilion reserved for the royal visitors. Supported by stunning black marble pillars, the pavilion had tiny alcoves that were used to keep fragrant flowers in the day and light up the pavilion with lamps at night.

Hazratbal Shrine - The Hazratbal Shrine is situated on the left bank of the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar . Sadiq Khan laid out a garden here

and constructed a palatial building, Ishrat mahal or Pleasure House, in 1623. The construction of the present marble structure was started by the Muslim Aquaf Trust headed by Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah (The Last Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir) in 1968 and completed in 1979.

Pratap Singh Museum - Sri Pratap Singh Museum was once the summer palace of the Kashmir maharajas. In 1898, the building became a museum and the nucleus of the collection was based on objects from the Jammu and Kashmir toshakhana. These include shawls, paintings, arms and armoury, silver images, copper and jade ornaments, copper and brass utensil and Ladakhi handicrafts.
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