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Ward lake at sunset

Ward lake - This lake, also known as Polok Lake, is a horseshoe shaped lake, set amidst picturesque surroundings. This century old lake takes its name after an executive engineer named Mr. Pollock. This lake is quite popular for boating as well as pleasant walks on the cobbled sand stone pathways, among beautiful, vividly colored flowers. The lake also sports on arched bridge over it. It is located in the heart of the city near Raj Bhawan and is easily approachable from Shillong.

Crinoline Falls - Crinoline falls is one of Shillong's natural waterfalls. The gushing water here presents an enchanting sight, as it makes its way through the jungle. At the foot of the falls, there is a well maintained swimming pool, surrounded by beautiful orchids and potted Bonsais. There is also a rock pool nearby with reeds and water lilies.

Lady Hydari park - This Park lies adjacent to the Crinoline falls, and is named after Lady Hydari, wife of an erstwhile Governor of Assam. Occupying an area of about 1 km, the park is designed like a Japanese garden, with vividly colored beautiful flowers, particularly roses. The exquisite hues and colors present a delightful sight, one, which can be hardly forgotten. This park is also the seat of a native species of pine tree called 'Pinus Khasiana', which dots the park. Also to be seen here is a mini zoo cum Deer Park.

Butterfly museum
- The Butterfly museum boasts of an extensive collection of mounted butterflies and beetles from India and abroad. The keepers of this museum have also ventured into the field of breeding butterflies for their commercial activity which is also regarded as a conservation measure. Over 1600 beautiful displays can be seen here.

Bara Bazaar - This market is an interesting place, worth a visit, where different tribal people can be seen in their colourful traditional attires. These people assemble here, not only to buy but also to sell different products like pots, baskets, spices and even bows and arrows. You can even savour the taste of real Khasi food at a number of small stalls set up by the tribals.

Quick Getaways near Shillong

Elephant falls - Elephant falls is a charming spot where a descending mountain stream bifurcates into two high falls. It is surrounded by fern-covered rocks and is a treat to the eyes of a nature lover. It lies on the outskirts of the city, at a distance of 12 km.

Mawsynram - Located at a distance of 55 km from Shillong, this place closely rivals Cherrapunji in annual rainfall and has in fact broken its record too. Mawsynram is famous for being the seat of a beautiful  natural  'Shivalinga',  which  is  actually  a  giant   stalagmite
Elephant falls near Shillong
structure. This Shivalinga is located in an unexplored vast cave, known locally as Mawjymbuin, and is bathed all through the year by water dripping from an overhanging stalactite. Numerous Hindu pilgrims as well as curious tourists throng this cave. Mawsynram houses another major attraction called 'Symper Rock,' which is a unique geological formation. It is a loaf-shaped rocky dome, which has an almost flat top and rises sharply from amidst surrounding hillocks. You can go on an exciting uphill trek and get a spectacular view of the surrounding hills, valleys, plains and rivers.

Activities in Shillong

The festivals celebrated here vary according to the tribes. Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and the New Year Day celebrations are the most important festivals here. Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, or the Nongkrem dance, is one of the most important Khasi festivals. Shad Sukmynsiem is another important festival of the Khasis. Behdiengkhlam, the festival of the Jaintias, is celebrated in July. Wangala is the festival of the Garos and is dedicated to the Sun God.

The main shopping areas here are Police Bazaar, Bara Bazaar and Laitumukhrah. On Iewduh, the first day of the eight-day long Khasi week, people from all over eastern Meghalaya come to sell their products here. In the centre of Police Bazar, there are shops selling finely woven baskets of all sizes. For hand-woven shawls, handicrafts, orange flower honey and cane work, one can visit the various emporia like Meghalaya Handicrafts, Khadi Gramodyog and Purbashree.

Getting There & Away to Shillong

Flights to Shillong
Guwahati's Borjhar Airport is the nearest international airport at a distance of 128 km from Shillong.
Trains to Shillong
Shillong is connected by rail with the rest of the country through the railhead of Guwahati at a distance of 103 km.
Car and Bus Service to Shillong
NH-40 connects Shillong with Guwahati. The State Transport buses and the private transport operators operate and offer services to the various places in Meghalaya and the neighboring states from Shillong. The bus stand is located in the centre of Shillong.

Getting Around in Shillong

Shillong is quite luxuriously spread out but taxis and local buses are frequently available.
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