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Pandupol in Sariska
Pandupol Temple - The typical Sariska rhythm takes one to Pandupol. As legend goes, the Pandava brothers found the dense forest of the area a good place to hide in the 13th year of their exile. On the outskirts of the sanctuary are the rarely visited breathtaking ruins of Bhangarh. Especially significant are Bhangarh's two temples - ornately carved in stone and marble with floral fringes, decorated walls, ceilings and pillars.

Neelkanth  Temple -  Neelkanth  is  a  fortified  temple  town   which
thrived seven centuries ago. The sculptured temples here have been compared to that of Khajuraho confirming to a variety of religious cults - Hindu, Buddhist and Jain.

Ruins of Bhangarh -
Bhangarh, founded by the Maharaja Bhagwan Dasji in 1574 A.D., is an ancient town of archaeological significance. Surrounded by huge Aravali hills and dense forests, Bhangarh is a pre-historic site. Different kinds of tools used by early man have been recovered from this place. Though Bhangarh is in ruins today, it used to be a flourishing town during the medieval period. The famous ruler of Bhangarh was Madho Singh Kachhawah, who was the younger brother of Raja Man Singh I of Amer. Remains of the old palace, beautiful temples and bazaars (market) are witness to Bhangarh's prosperity.

The Fairy Queen - The Fairy Queen, built in 1855, is the oldest functioning broad gauge steam locomotive in the world. After over 140 years, the journey resumed in 1997 from Delhi. The Fairy Queen traverses the picturesque town of Alwar in Rajasthan from where you will get a taste of wildlife at the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Quick Getaways near Sariska

Viratnagar - Viratnagar is the city revered in history for having given shelter to the mighty Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata. Explore the forests for temples, and rock formations that have association with the past. An edict of King Ashoka the Great dating back to the 3rd century was found here. In another part of the site are ruins of a circular Buddhist temple, considered to be the oldest freestanding structures in India.

Siliserh - Siliserh is a quaint palace looking upon a lake ringed by hills. You can sit on the terrace and watch water birds come in or the sunset on the lake on an evening.

Getting There & Away to Sariska

Flights to Sariska The nearest airport to Sariska is Jaipur.
Trains to Sariska The nearest railhead is Alwar (37 km).
Car and Bus Service to Sariska
Sariska is 200 km from Delhi and 107 km from Jaipur. Buses between Delhi and Jaipur go via Alwar and Sariska.
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