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Pushkar - The Destination
Pushkar Fair

11 kms from the historic city of Ajmer, on the edge of the desert of Rajasthan rests the tranquil town of Pushkar along the banks of the Pushkar Lake. An important pilgrimage spot for the Hindus, Pushkar has the only temple for Lord Brahma in India and the world. (Lord Brahma is known as the creator of the world as per the Hindu mythology).

As is obvious by Pushkar's position as the starting point of the grand pilgrimage, the worship of Brahma was considered highly important at the end of the first millennium BC. The function of Brahma - creating the world-

has been completed, while Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer) still have relevance to the continuing order of the universe. Brahma is also a god of the Aryan invaders and during Vedic times, his cult temporarily displaced the more ancient indigenous Shiva and Shakti cults. With the passing of the period of major Aryan influence, these deities reemerged more powerful than before.

The Nag pahar or the Snake Mountain forms a natural boundary between Ajmer and Pushkar. Surrounded by hills on three sides, Pushkar abounds in temples. Of these the most famous is the only Brahma temple in the world.

Then there is the holy lake, which has 52 ghats and numerous pilgrims taking a ritual dip in the lake is a common sight especially during the festival.

Pushkar is particularly famous for its week-long fair which takes place in the month of Kartik. During this time, you will see the entire Rajasthan under one roof. The entire dull desert landscape is transformed into an expression of colours, as large gaudy turbans of the menfolk and the multihued skirts of the women ornamented from head to toe, adding colour and zest to the entire fair.

A city of pilgrimage from time immemorial with over 500 temples and ghats, Pushkar begets a legacy of timeless architectural heritage. Pushkar
Animal Fair in Pushkar
radiates an ambience of peace and spirituality that casts a lure to visit again and again.
Pushkar - Facts at a Glance
State : Rajasthan
Area : 5 sq kms
Altitude : 486 meters
Temperature : 38.1 C- 7.7 C (Summer)
23.3 C-5.5 C (Winter)
Best Season :
Since the cattle fair of Pushkar is the largest attraction, the best time to visit this place is in October-November.
History of Pushkar

The legend about the Creator God, Bramha describes the creation of this lake. When the demon Vajra Nabha killed Brahma's children, he in turn struck him with his weapon, a lotus flower. Vajra Nabha died with the impact, and the petals of the lotus fell at three places. One of them is Pushkar, where a lake sprung into being. Brahma is supposed to have performed sacrifice at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the full moon day of the Kartik month), sanctifying the place. Sacred to Brahma, Pushkar boasts of its temple dedicated to him, which is the only one of its kind in the world. A dip in the waters of Pushkar and worship at his temple ensures salvation. So thousands flock to Pushkar to observe the ritual on Kartik Purnima, or on any of the four days preceding it.    
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