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Quick Getaways near Pragpur

Chintpurni - Situated at a distance of 20 km from Pragpur, Chintpurni temple is devoted to Goddess Parvati or Durga. Legends have it that Parvati’s feet fell at Chintpurni. A lot of devotees come here to pray for boons. The temple is built around Parvati's pindi. The pindi represents Parvati's feet and is an expression of her. Chintpurni Devi is believed to
fulfill the desires of a person who comes there and worships her. The temple is extremely popular and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.


Haripur-Guler - The narrow gauge train station at Guler has equipment from early 20th century. Oil lamps still light the rail signal at dusk. Located 30 km from Pragpur, there is also a fort at Haripur, an ornamental tank and baolis (wells) here. The Principality of Haripur was founded in 1464 AD and the place is fragrant with reminiscences. It was famous as the cradle of the Kangra School of Paintings.

Kangra Fort - The Kangra fort is located 45 km from Pragpur on the banks  of  the  river  Ban  Ganga . It  is  situated  on  a  steep  cliff and

overlooks the Ban Ganga and Manjhi rivers. The ruins still dominate the Kangra valley. You can enter the fort by a narrow path. The fort was protected by a number of gates named after those who conquered it. At the top of the fort is located the palace of the Katoch Kings. Bhuma Chand, the founder of the Katoch Dynasty, built the historic fort of Kangra. In the foreyard of the fort are the Jain temples dedicated to Laxmi Narayan and Adinath. Inside the fort are two ponds.

Palampur - Set amidst the hills, the small and sparkling town of Palampur, 80 km from Pragpur, is adorned with lush green terraced fields, the stately deodar trees and beautiful tea gardens. Situated at an altitude of 1219 m in the lap of Dhauladhar range, Palampur, a place named as innocently as its reputation. Palam means water and literally it is a place full of water. With its abundant brooks, a 1000 feet abyss with the torrential Bundla stream going through it Palampur is a beautiful spot in Kangra valley. The town has some fascinating colonial architecture and the area around is richly decorated with historical temples, forts and numerous quaint villages. Today Kangra tea with its centre at Palampur is world famous.

Getting There & Away to Pragpur

Flights to Pragpur
Chandigarh is the nearest airport with connections to many cities in India. From Chandigarh, Pragpur is about 187 km (a 4-hour drive).
Trains to Pragpur
Una, 60 kms away is the nearest railway station, and takes about an hour and a half to reach. Trains travel through beautiful countryside giving a panoramic view of the "Valley of the Gods" as Kangra is known.
Car and Bus Service to Pragpur
If you are driving down from Delhi, Pragpur is a nine-hour drive while it is a four hour (180 km) drive from Chandigarh.
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