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Paragpur - The Destination

Well-preserved architecture, cobbled streets, ornamental village tank, mud plastered and slate roofed houses—this is what the Heritage Village of Pragpur is made up of.

Located in Himachal's most panoramic areas, Kangra, Pragpur might just be the mystic land. It lies in the shade of the Dhauladhar mountains or the White Ranges as they are called. Founded about 3 centuries ago, Pragpur is like a little, neat settlement. Its name means Country  of  Pollens  after  all  the  flowers that blossom here in wild

Paragpur - heritage village

abandon every spring.

Pragpur is also the home of the famous Kangra School of painting. Many of Himachal's forts, palaces and residences are privately owned, and therefore the discretion of their use naturally rests with their owners.

Pragpur is abounding in history. It is also ideal for eco tourism, which is being promoted with the strong involvement of the local community. In Pragpur, as you wander through the half-deserted lanes watching ornamental arches, you can almost waft into an easy tranquility. It's a peek into a world long past, but which you can deliciously relive for a while. In addition, relish some of the seasonal fruits straight from the orchards of Pragpur as you enjoy your holiday.
Paragpur - Facts at a Glance

State : Himachal Pradesh
Temperature : 20 C to 32 C (Summer)
16 C to 25 C (Winter)
Altitude : 1800 ft
Language : Hindi, English
Best Season : October - Mid April

History of Paragpur

This village was set up over 300 years ago. The Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh is full of myth and folklore about the times when the Pandavas in exile wandered about in this land. Historically too, it had always been an important kingdom. The area of Pragpur was part of the Principality of Jaswan.

Its chief, in the late 16th or early 17th century, charged a band of learned men, led by a Kuthiala Sood, to find a suitable place to commemorate Princess 'Prag' of his royal lineage. Gradually the people of the Sood community, who were doing well in various fields built huge havelis in the village. The Soods are a special community laying claim to being Agnivanshis (born of a sacred fire). There are references to them in ancient Hindu texts like the Rig Veda. At the time when Simla was the summer capital of the British Raj, the Soods from around Pragpur owned more than half of Pragpur, and continue to be the prevailing community even today.   

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