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Ladakh Festival in Nubra

The Ladakh Festival is a unique experience, started to patronize the revival and promotion of Ladakh’s age-old traditions and customs, its cultural heritage and the performing arts. For you, the festival provides an opportunity to witness and experience the lifestyle and cultural ethos of a people who have lived for centuries on the crossroads of Asia, receiving and harmonising socio-cultural and religious influences from their neighbouring societies. A major polo tournament called the "Ladakh Festival Cup" is also held as part of the festival which witnesses  the  participation  of  polo  teams  from different parts of the

region. If you visit Ladakh during this period, you will witness this ancient sport of the western Himalayas being played in its original, wild style with fewer rules and frenzied crowd involvement. Yet another interesting programme is the staging of a typical Central Asian trade mart in Leh Bazaar, complete with caravans laden with traders’ goods, while skilled artists dressed in period-costumes play the role of merchants engaged in trading, bartering and other associated activities.

Getting There & Away to Nubra

Flights to Nubra There are regular flights from Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar to Leh, the closest airport.
Car and Bus Service to Nubra
The road journey to Nubra valley leads through Khardongla (the highest motor able road in the world) 18380 ft. around 50 kms. away from Leh. After crossing the pass, you can have a view of Khardong village, Khalser and Deskit (the main villages of Nubra valley). There are regular buses which traverse the distance of 150 km from Leh to Diskit, the administrative headquarter.

Getting Around in Nubra

From the airport to Leh, you can take a public bus though information on printed time-tables, even when available, may be incomplete. Taxis are more convenient and operate on a fixed tariff.

To visit Nubra from Leh, do ensure that you have all your travel arrangements done including transport and overnight stay. Taxis don’t cruise about soliciting customers - you have to hire them at one of three taxi stands named predictably enough - Taxi stand no. 1, 2 and 3 located at Fort Road, the old bus stand and the new bus stand, respectively. The simplest and perhaps the best means of getting around are mountain bikes and scooters that are easily available on hire.

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