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Nubra Travel Guide

Nubra - The Destination


What can make a mountaineering expedition, an adventure you would never forget? The Nubra Valley, formerly on the trading route that linked eastern Tibet with Turkistan via the famous Karakoram Pass, is the most recently opened area of Ladakh. Nubra invites you to a trip back in time into a nearly forgotten 'Shangri La'. With spectacular views and pleasantly welcoming inhabitants, it is quite an experience.

Nubra is located in the north of Leh around 120 kms across the Khardong La (18,380ft) . Nubra means Ldumra ( the valley of flowers)

in Leh, which used to be an important station on the famous silk route leading from Leh to Kashgar through the two passes of Saser and Karakoram. The main attractions of this area are the Bactarian Camels (Double Humped Camels) that were brought from Afghanistan centuries ago and are now the sole survivors, Khardung-La Pass (world's highest motorable road at 18,380 feet) and the monasteries of Deskit and Samstaling.

Opened not too long back to the outside world, it is a double bonus, for not only is it a beautiful place but even the way up to Nubra offers enchanting landscapes. Once there, relax, have a cup of tea and wonder how man achieved an admirable task - construction of a road in the toughest of terrains and in the most unpredictable of climate, to have made a connection between two regions through a mountain - this pass definitely deserves a moment.

This mountainous desert land, Nubra has the distinction of being the most fertile belt in the region. And that's not all. The Valley is divided into two parts - Panamik and Diskit. While the former is noted for it’s hot sulphur springs and the best flowers in the area, it is the latter that fascinates tourists for its silver sand dunes, flanked by green forests. A visit to the farm which breeds camels is a must but if good fortune strikes, then spotting a camel on the dunes is the photographers’ ultimate dream.

There is also an old monastery in Diskit where the lamas are only too happy to offer butter tea to visitors. If the doors to the inner chambers are locked, one simply has to look for the head lama in his room and keys are produced immediately - there is no room for disappointment in this enchanted land!

Another enchanting experience of a lifetime is the Nubra glacier situated on the southern slopes of the Karakoram Range in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a large glacier located in a huge amphitheater that is ringed by towering peaks.

This glacier gives rise to the Nubra River, which in turn flows, into the Shyok River. Small glaciers in hanging valleys feed the Nubra glacier and they occur on all sides of the glacial amphitheater. The central part of this glacier takes the form of a vast snowfield. Lateral moraines are found along the flanks and at the junction of the tributary glaciers and the main glacier. No vegetation is to be found in this tract as it lies above the snow line.

Nubra - Facts at a Glance

State : Jammu and Kashmir
Temperature : 15°C - 27°C (Summers)
10°C - 22°C (Winters)
Altitude : 2750 -7620 mts
Best Season : June-October, but don’t forget to carry light woolens
Permits :
Permits are not required for Leh, Zanskar or along main routes to Srinagar.Non
-Indians need to fill a Foreigners’ Registration Form at the airport and the hotel.

Activities in Nubra

Nubra offers great opportunities to engage in adventure activities amidst the landscapes of breathtaking, rugged beauty. Trekking options include short, day long walks up and down mountain slopes to visit remote villages or monastic communities, or across a ridge to enjoy the sheer beauty of the lunar mountainscape. Or long trans mountain treks involving weeks of walking and camping in the wilds.

A wide range of rafting opportunities is also available on the Indus and its major tributaries. The best stretch for professionally guided runs in white water is on the Indus between Spituk and Saspol.For mountain climbing, the area most frequented by foreign climbers is the Nun-Kun Massif in the Great Himalayan Range. The most prominent summits in this range which are accessible from various parts of the Nubra Valley include, Saser-I (7,415 m), Saser-II (7,513m) and Saser-III(7,495 m).

The climbing season stretches from mid-May to mid-October, the ideal period being from June to September because during this time only Ladakh remains unaffected by the monsoon which affects most of the Himalaya.
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