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Travel Guide to Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar - The Destination

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Nestling in the mountain ranges of the western ghats of Maharashtra is the cool misty resort of Mahabaleshwar. Away from the crowd and noise of the city Mahabaleshwar seems to belong to the regal era when people traveled up to the resorts to escape the heat of the plains.

The natural beauty of Mahabaleshwar attracts nature lovers, film directors, holidaymakers, peace seekers and adventurers alike. The hill resort of Mahabaleshwar is the place to be at in the summers. The heat  and the  dust of the  plains give  way  to the cool breezes and the

gorgeous greens of Mahabaleshwar. The hill resort of Mahabaleshwar derives its name from the God "Mahabali". There is a temple dedicated to Lord Mahabali namely the old Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Mahabaleshwar's 30 striking viewpoints provide one with a magnificent access to the ultimate in charming landscapes. Most of the spots obtain their names from some former British dignitary and are located in the 10-kilometer radius of the bazaar in Mahabaleshwar. Some points can be reached by motorable roads, whereas others can be reached on foot.

One way or the other, Mahabaleshwar still beckons you to shed your tensions and escape from it all.

Mahabaleshwar - Facts at a Glance

State : Maharashtra
Area : 145.04 sq kms
Temperature : 18 C – 29 C (Summer)
5 C – 23.5 C ( Winter)
Altitude : 1372 mts
Rainfall : 663 cms
Language : Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, English
Best Season : October - June

Attractions in Mahabaleshwar

Panchaganga Mandir - As per the Hindu mythology Panchaganga means five holy rivers Krishna, Veena, Koyna, Savitri & Gayatri. These rivers show their token appearance here in five springs flowing closely. They are seen flowing in five stone channels & joining in one horizontal, half channel leading to the Goumukhi (cowface) spout. On the northern side there is a similar conduit through which the holy 'Ganga' appears every twelve years. From the conduit on the southern side flows the holy Saraswati. This miraculous coincidence is believed to be a very auspicious occasion as per the Hindu faith.
Panchaganga Mandir, Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Temple - The present temple of Mahabaleshwar is surrounded by a stonewall about five feet high. The main temple is divided into two apartments, the inner room or God’s chamber and the outer room or central hall. Its structure has the style of southern Indian temples. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and ling worship is performed here. Legends have it that there is a live spring below the rock which makes all the hollows full with water all year round. The hollows are supposed to represent the rivers which originate in the surrounding area.

Shri Ram Mandir - Shri Ram Temple constructed by the Late Pratapshet of Amalner has most strikingly beautiful idols of Lord Ram, Laxman and Seeta.

Kate's Point - This point gives a commanding view of the Krishna Valley. Near Kate's point is the Echo Point, which, true to its name, echoes the words of the speaker.

Lodwick Point is named after a General who reached this point in 1824. He was the first European to set foot on the Mahabaleshwar hills. A monument at the top of the projection has been erected in his memory. Beyond Lodwick Point is the extreme end of the mountain range known as Elephant's Head. It is only 12 feet to the Koyna Valley below. From Lodwick's point, the overhanging cliff looks like an elephant's head and trunk, and hence the name.

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