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Festivals in Madurai

The famous festivals held at Madurai, include Teppam festival, the annual Float Festival, wherein the images of Shree Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswara are placed on floats, and taken to Mariamman Teppakkulam Tank, where for several days they are pulled back and forth across the water in the middle of the tank, on an lighted raft embellished with flowers, before being taken back to the main temple.

Chithirai festival held during March-April, celebrates the marriage of Shree   Meenakshi  to   Lord   Sundereswara . On   the   occasion , an
Festival in Madurai
elaborately decorated chariot bearing the images of the divine couple, is taken around the city. The resounding notes of the nadaswaram and the drums, creates a vibrant ambience. Avanimoola festival is held in late August-early September, when temple cars are drawn around the streets of Madurai.

Getting There & Away to Madurai

Flights to Madurai There are daily flights to and from Tiruchirapalli, Madras and Bangalore.
Trains to Madurai
There are train connections to Madurai from Madras, which takes eight hours via Trichy and from Rameshwaram, takes six hours. If you approach Madurai from Kerala, some spectacular scenes of the Western Ghats can be viewed.
Car and Bus service to Madurai There is very good road service from Madurai to most of the major cities.

Getting Around to Madurai

There is a good network of local buses within the city and the suburbs. Taxis and cars can be hired and the rentals are negotiable.
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