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History of Lepakshi  

It is believed that Lepakshi had a complex of 108 Shiva temples. The Veerabhadra Temple was constructed by the treasury officer of the Penukonda Fort of the Vijaynagar empire. This Fort was alleged to have 365 temples inside it but these were lost over a period of time because of attacks by different rulers.

Attractions in Lepakshi

Nandi, Lepakshi

Nandi - The town center has the massive sculpture of Nandi the bull, Lord Shiva’s vehicle. The monolithic sculpture is 5 mts high and 8 mts long.

Veerabhadra Temple - Veerabhadra Temple at Lepakshi has some of the best paintings from the period of the Vijayanagar kings. The temple is built on a low hill called Kurma Sailam, because it has the shape of a tortoise. Lord Rama, Lord Papanaseswars (Siva), Veerabhadra, and Durga are all worshiped here.

Parsavanatha Temple
- Situated north of Lepakshi, the temple has a sculpture of Parsavanatha, nude in front of an undulating serpent (11th century) in late Chalukyan Style. There are also two granite Hindu temples dedicated to Rama and Siva dating back to the early Vijayanagar period.

Sai Baba Ashram - The Sai Baba ashram itself is a huge complex with room for thousands, with canteens, shops, a museum and library, and a vast assembly hall where Sai Baba gives darshan twice daily. Queues start more than an hour before the appointed time, and a lottery decides who gets to sit near the front.


Getting There & Away to Lepakshi

Flights to Lepakshi The nearest airport from Lepakshi is at Bangalore, at a distance of 100 kms.
Trains to Lepakshi
Hindupur is the closest railhead at 16 kms between the Bangalore - Hyderabad railway route.
Car and Bus service to Lepakshi
The Andhra Pradesh State Transport runs a daily bus service from Hindupur for Lepakshi.
Lepakshi Holiday Packages

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