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Lepakshi - The Destination



It is a small village, set back in time. Situated 480 km from Hyderabad, this religious centre is easily accessible from Tirupati. Lepakshi is the centre of some of the finest temple architecture and paintings. The famous Veerabhadra temple, built in the Vijayanagar style, is located here. The temple is divided into three parts - the Mukha Mantapa, (also called Nitya Mantapa or Ranga Mantapa), the Artha Mantapa and Garbha Griha, and the Kalyana Mantapa, with 38 carved monolithic pillars in grey sandstone.

The Vijayanagar styled temples have a number of paintings on its wall and ceiling. The hanging tower supported from the top is a surprise for the visitors. The monolithic bull mount of Shiva (Nandhi) is perhaps the largest sculpture of its kind.

Legends say that Lord Shiva and Parvati were married on the very spot where the Kalyana Mantapa stands. To the south of the main shrine is a huge Nagalingam, standing on a granite block, shrouded by a seven-headed cobra, magnificently carved out of rock. The monolithic Nandi near the Veerabhadra temple is another remarkable feature. Carved out of a single rock, 4.5m high and 8.23m long, this Nandi is created in beautiful life-like detail.

There is more than one story or a legend attributed to the origin of this place. Some say that the name Lepakshi was given to the village when Lord Rama, asked Jatayuvu, the mythological bird who was injured, to “le-Pakshi” i.e. “get up”. Another story goes that in ancient times, the village was used for the preparation of “Akshi Lepam” i.e. eye make-up, hence the name. For those who are content with any version, it is the treasures of Lepakshi that allure one to its sites.

Really, it doesn't matter if you believe the stories that are attached to these places. The bottom line is that amazing skill and art is exhibited on open grounds for anyone to see and appreciate.

Lepakshi - Facts at a Glance

State : Andhra Pradesh
Temperature : 22°C - 40°C (Summers)
15°C - 32°C (Winters)
Altitude : 169 mts
Language : Kannada, Hindi, English
Best Season : January - March
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