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Quick Getaways near Kushinagar

Sankisa - Sankisa lies in central Uttar Pradesh, 47 kms from Farrukhabad. It is believed to be the place where Buddha, along with Brahma and Devraj Indra descended after giving sermons to his mother in heaven. At the spot of descent stands a temple with a statue of the Buddha. The place is also known for a temple dedicated to Bisari Devi and an excavated Ashokan Elephant Pillar. There is also a colossal Shiva Linga to be found here.

Kapilvastu near Kushinagar

Kapilavastu - Kapilavastu, also called Piprahwa is situated 148 km from Kushinagar and is an important Buddhist pilgrimage. Kapilavastu was the ancient capital of the Sakya clan ruled by Gautama Buddha's father. This is the city where prince Siddhartha (Gautam Buddha) spent his childhood. The place holds significant value for Buddhist pilgrims and has several Stupas. In fact archaeological excavations have revealed stone caskets containing relics believed to be that of Buddha's.

Events in Kushinagar

Buddha Purnima: Members of the Buddhist community celebrate their biggest religious festival Buddha Purnima in the country on May 4 with great religious fervour. This festival marks the advent, enlightenment and departure (nirvana) of Lord Gautam Buddha over 2,500 years back.

On this holy day, Buddha was born as Siddharta Gautam in Kapilavastu in around 563 B.C, got supreme enlightenment at the age of 35 (528 BC) and finally attained nirvana at the age of 80 (483 B.C) at Kushinagar. This festival is celebrated in all monasteries and offices of the Buddhist religious organisations as well as various educational institutions. Recitation of the sacred verses from Triputak and breaking of fast by the monks, mass prayers, blood donation, sangadana, discussion, panchashilla and pradip puja are the other highlights of the programmes held on this day.

Getting There & Away to Kushinagar

Flights to Kushinagar
The nearest airhead is located at Varanasi from where one can take flights to Delhi, Calcutta, Lucknow, and Patna.
Trains to Kushinagar
Kushinagar does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is at Gorakhpur (51 km), which is the headquarters of Northeastern Railways and linked to important destinations.
Kushinagar is well connected to other parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh by bus. There are regular buses to Gorakhpur (51 km), Lumbini (173 km), Kapilavastu (148 km), Sravasti (254 km), and Sarnath (266 km), and Agra (680 km).
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