Kullu Manali Travel Guide
Attractions in Kullu Manali

Kullu :
Bijli Mahadev Temple, Kullu
Bijli Mahadev Temple - You can reach this temple only after an extremely motivated climb. A tall staff that attracts bolts of lightning has repeatedly shattered the temple's Shivalinga to pieces. Dedicated temple priests have put the pieces back together each time.

Jagannathi Devi or Bhekli Temple - The one and a half-hour climb to the top, rewards you with a breathtaking view of the city. This hollow temple is beautiful on the inside as well. The outer surrounding area is an ideal picnic location.
Manali :

Hidimba Temple - Also known as the Dhungri Temple, this temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hirma Devi and is placed in a forest grove among deodar trees that are over a thousand years old. The four-tiered temple has a 27 mts high pagoda shaped roof with carved symbols that adorn the entrance.

Naggar Castle - Built by Raja Sidh Singh over four hundred years ago, Naggar castle has endured floods and storms. A thousand-year-old Shiva temple is on the way to the castle. The castle now been converted into a hotel.

Nikolai Roerich Art Gallery - A steep climb from behind Naggar castle pilots you to an old stone cottage in which Nicholas Roerich, the renowned Russian painter lived. This too has been reconverted into a museum and gallery of the painter's works.

Sonsgnala - Famous for the camping huts that are perched along the Beas river, for the adventurous at heart, Sonsgnala will provide excellent opportunities for absolutely unforgettable paragliding trips.

Quick Getaways near Kullu Manali

Kullu :

Solang Valley - This is the most popular trek that goes from Manali up the Solang Valley to Beas Kund beneath Hanuman Tibba. You can return via the Manali Pass and then go on to the Tentu Loa (also known as Solang Pass) and return to Manali via Muri Got.

Raison - At a distance of 13 km from Kullu, this spot is dominated by the HTDC's Adventure resort, which has accommodation facilities along with a camping spot. The place is considered ideal for camping or weekend unwinding. Apple, apricot and plum orchards line the streets in full bloom, every March.
Quick Getaways near Kullu Manali

Bajora - Famous for the Basheshwar Mahadev Temple which is shaped like a pyramid. It is located 15 km from Kullu. The temple was built in the 8th century but several of the carved engravings were destroyed by the King of Kangra when he attacked the city.

Manali :

Snow Point or Rohtang Pass - This is your best introduction to the colossal majesty of the Himalayas. The highest point on the road, it is set at 13,050 feet. When you visit, you could make Solang your first stop. Rohtang pass is only 13 kms from Manali and is increasingly popular during the winter months, though it is always snow bound. The slopes make skiing fun. Dassaur Lake is situated close by as is the source of the river Beas.

Vashist Hot Sulpher springs of Manali - The village of Vashist is known for the hot sulphur springs where everyone comes to dive in. The sulphur springs have been turned into Turkish baths complete with showers water. You can even step into the adjoining cafeteria area that is close to the baths.

Activities in Kullu Manali

Rafting - The Beas River flowing through Kullu valley is suitable not only for white water rafting but is ideal for canoeing and kayaking too. The Beas River from the Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura in Kullu district has become very popular among the lovers of river rafting and many competitions have been organised in the same. The equipments for this is provided by the various clubs.

Skiing - Near Manali there are some slopes, which are rated the best for skiing. The Solang Nullah, Patalsu, Kothi, Marhi and Rohtang slopes are very good for skiing in the winters as well as in summers. In fact Patalsu and Rohtang slopes are the only places where one can do summer skiing. The national level skiing competition is held on the slopes of Solang Nullah and the winter carnival is organised at Manali.

Paragliding - The slopes of Solang Nullah are just the right kind of slopes for paragliding during summers. There are organisations, which offer packages for paragliding. One can hire equipment from the private organisations in Manali and around.

Events in Kullu Manali

The autumn season witnesses a 10-day celebration by the Gods - Lord Raghunath, Hadimba Devi, Jamlu- the festival of Dussehra. The gods, with their processions and bands, arrive on the first day at a picturesque meadow by the River Beas. The celebrations begin when processions of devotees bearing gold and silver images of gods and goddesses move to Kullu from all parts of the valley. And for ten days, an infectious gaiety holds sway over the little town of Kullu. The Gaddi shepherds come down from the hills with their music. There is dancing, singing and performances which extend well into the nights. On the ninth day, the gods assemble for a Devta Darbar, a court of gods. On the tenth day, with the symbolic destruction of Ravana, Dussehra at Kullu comes to a glorious end.

Getting There & Away to Kullu Manali

Flights to Kullu Manali
The nearest airport Bhuntar (10 kms from Kullu) is connected by air with Delhi and Chandigarh.
Trains to Kullu Manali The nearest most convenient railhead is Chandigarh (272 kms).
Car and Bus Service to Kullu Manali Regular bus services connect Kullu to numerous places as Ambala, Chandigarh, Delhi, etc.

Getting Around in Kullu Manali

There's a lot to see in and around Manali, so you could hire local taxis in case you do not have your own vehicle. The bus and taxi stands are in the center of Manali town but the local taxis have fairly high fixed rates and a very strong union. For those of you who prefer to independent, you could hire motorbikes at reasonable charges. Just be sure you have a fair idea of the place. Though, getting lost in a lovely place can be quite exciting too! If not, carrying a map of Manali is advisable.
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