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Konark - The Destination

Konark Temples

The sacred city of Konark is an important destination of the Golden Triangle circuit of Eastern India besides Bhubaneswar and Puri. The Sun Temple remains the landmark of Konark for which the city is renowned throughout the world. The city of Konark is a visual masterpiece.

The solitary Sun Temple is a masterpiece surrounded by the moving sands. The theme of worshipping the sun god is central to India. The presiding  deity Konarka , kona (corner)  and  arka (sun) ,  renders  its

name to the temple.The Sun Temple has been designed in the form of a huge chariot carrying the Sun God across the heavens. The wheels of the chariot are most awesome of the structure. The temple is believed to have been constructed by Narasimhadev I in the mid-13th century.

You can spend an entire day exploring the richness of the ancient art and architecture of this grand temple. For enjoying the pleasant breeze you may take a stroll along the beach, which is at a distance of 3 kilometers from the temple. You can either walk down or hire a bicycle or cycle-rickshaw to reach the beach. You will definitely enjoy the walk along the beach, which promises to be a pleasant experience.

Although the main sanctum is in ruins, the 39 metre high audience hall, the dance hall and the ruined temple of Chhaya Devi are still there. Two horses and two monolithic elephants, exhibit the dynamism of the sculpture. A special character of the Konark temple is that the carvings cover both the inner and the outer surfaces.

Konark has been exposed to the salty air of the nearby sea for over 7 centuries, lying about without any symptom or rust - this is proof of the scientific genius of the Oriya builders in medieval times.

Konark - Facts at a Glance

State : Orissa
Area : 2.5 sq kms
Temperature : 32.2°C - 35°C (Summers)
10.6°C - 26.7°C (Winters)
Rainfall : 152.4 cms
Altitude : Sea level
Language : Oriya, Hindi, Bengali, English
Best Season : October-March

History of Konark

The Sun Temple is said is said to be one of the most stunning symbol of Indian architecture. The Black Pagoda, as the European sailors called it, was built in the 13th century by Raja Narasimhadeva along the shores of Bay of Bengal. But now the sea has moved two km away from the temple. Many myths and legends surround this grandeur of Orissa. According to one colourful legend, Samba was afflicted by leprosy because of a curse by his father, Lord Krishna. After 12 years of penance, he was cured by the sun god in whose honour he built the temple. In another legend, the son of Konark's master craftsman sacrificed his life in the waters of a neighbouring river to save his father's reputation. Whatever be the truth, this exquisite specimen of Oriya craftsmanship is poetry in stone and is included in the world heritage monuments.

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