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Fort Cochin - Fort Cochin founded by the Portuguese in 1503 today in India stands as a ruin. Fort Cochin, with its European heritage and its air of steady but graceful decay is a place where history, like a friendly spirit, still stalks the lonely streets. The European have left haphazard imprints in Fort Cochin. The massive buttresses, which are so conspicuous a feature of the place, were put up by the British to protect the houses that had been shaken by the force of an explosion that had blown up the cathedral of Santa Cruz.

Chinese Fishing Nets used in Kochi
Chinese Fishing Nets - These nets seem to have become synonymous with Cochin. Elegantly spread out across the Cochin Harbour, these cantilevered nets were introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. Curious clumsy things with no bright counterfeit graces, the Chinese fishing nets are the most efficient means of backwater fishing. Even today the local fishermen use them in Cochin, India.

The Mattancherry Palace or the Dutch Palace - Built by the Portuguese in 1557 , the palace  was  presented  to  the  Cochin  Raja,
Veera Kerala Varma, as a goodwill gesture. In 1663, the Dutch renovated the palace and it came to be known as the Dutch Palace. Where the Coronation Hall used to stand, is today being used to display the erstwhile Rajas of Cochin's garb, turbans and palanquins. The palace in India has a wonderful collection of exquisite murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Jewish Synagogue - This beautiful synagogue, which was built in 1544, is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth. After the Portuguese destroyed it in 1662, the Dutch rebuilt it two years later. The blue, hand-painted, willow-patterned tiles that adorn the synagogue are extraordinary because no two tiles are alike. A trader, Ezekhial Rahabi, brought the tiles from China in the mid 1800s. He also erected the clock tower which tops the synagogue.

Church of St. Francis - This  is  the  oldest  church  in  India that was

Jewish Synagogue in Kochi
built by the Europeans in India. One of the most enduring impressions of Cochin, the body of Vasco Da Gama, the famous explorer who died in Cochin in 1524, is buried here. The Portuguese Franciscan Friars built the church in 1503. Although the original structure was in wood, the church was rebuilt in stone in the 16th century.

Events in Kochi

Ulsavam - 'Ulsavam' is held at the Siva Temple in Ernakulam for 8 days during Jan/Feb. There are elephant processions each day and folk dance and music performances. The day before the last, there is a spectacular display of Kadhina (crackers). The Festival ends with a display of fireworks in the morning.

Thalapoli Utsavam - The Valanjambalam Devi Temple located in the heart of Ernakulam celebrates this annual festival for two days. The procession with five frolicking elephants accompanied by temple musical ensembles known as Ezhunnallippu takes place on both days.

Athachamayam - It is a spectacular procession that marks the beginning of the Onam festival during August-September. Conducted at Thirpunithura and Piravam, It displays a rare treasure house of folk and temple arts of Kerala performed by skilled artists. Decorated Elephants and a variety of floats are the other attractions on the procession.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race - One of the most famous events of Kerala, India. It is organised at Ernakulam during the month of December every year along with the tourism fair. Several snake boats participate in the first round and first few are selected for the finals.

Scrumptious Servings in Kochi

Gastronomes visiting Cochin will be delighted with the wealth of delicious and interesting food available. The spicy local dishes are prepared, presented and consumed with great gusto. Fresh local spices are combined scrupulously to complement each other and enhance vegetable, seafood and meat dishes. Coconuts and at least ten varieties of bananas are abundant here and are common ingredients in both sweet and savoury recipes. The food is spicy but not so "hot" as to burn out the delicate flavours infused by the Keralan dexterity with spices. Seafood is diverse and plentiful - meen mollee, a whole fish called a pomfret marinated in turmeric, chilli and salt and cooked on a banana leaf in coconut milk with green cardamoms, garlic, onions and ginger is an unforgettable specialty.

Getting There & Away to Kochi

Flights to Kochi
There are regular direct flight services to Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Goa, Bangalore, and Trivandrum from Cochin, India.
Trains to Kochi
Cochin is connected by rail to most of the important cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.
Car and Bus Service to Kochi
Cochin is connected by road with several tourist centers in India, including Bangalore, Coimbatore, Goa, Madras, Mysore and Ooty.

Getting Around in Kochi

Cochin has autorickshaws and private tourist taxies. There are buses that ply too, connecting all corners of Cochi. Ferries are an excellent mode of transport between the various islands that make up Cochin, India.

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