Kinnaur Travel Guide

Activities in Kinnaur
Kinnaur is well-known for its superb treks with some of the most picturesque views. The trek in Kinnaur lets you see the lovely valleys of Sangla and Bhaba and is open to tourists with permits. (The District Magistrate in Simla, Keylong or Kullu will have to be contacted for the permit). Another popular excursion point is from the Baspa Valley up 16 kms away to Sangla. The road is quite rough and it takes approximately one hour by bus.

Events in Kinnaur

There are many local fairs and festivals like the Ladarcha fair (July-August) in Kaza, Tribal Fair (August) in Keylong, Tribal Festival (October-November) in Rekongpeo, Phulaich Festival (August-October) in Kastiar.

Getting There & Away to Kinnaur

Flights to Kinnaur Nearest airport is Jubbar Hatti ( from Shimla to Kalpa ) 244 km.
Trains to Kinnaur The nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla 250 km.
Car and Bus Service to Kinnaur
Kinnaur is accessible from Shimla either by car or bus. Shimla is the nearest narrow gauge railhead and Kalka, the broad gauge. Though the roads are bad in certain patches, it has a very exciting mountain road running along the river Sutlej.

Getting Around in Kinnaur

Buses, taxis and jeeps are available from Shimla, Rampur and Recong Peo for the local sightseeing that you wish to do.
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