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Getting Around

Getting There & Away to Gir National Park


The nearest airport to Sasan Gir is Keshod (86 kms). There are flights to to and from Mumbai via Porbandar.

The Sasan station is a 10 minutes walk from the Forest Lodge. From Junagarh to Sasan Gir, the train takes 3 hours (goes up to Delwada near Div and then returns to Junagarh, so it is possible to visit for the day). The route is very attractive - Talala is the last major station 15 kms before Sasan, so stock up with biscuits/fruit/drinks from here. There are two trains from Veraval to Khijadiya and back.

There are bus services from Junagarh, (54 kms) and Veraval (40 kms). There are also frequent buses from Ahmedabad.

Getting Around in Gir National Park

Local buses run along Sasan Gir. Jeeps run between Sasan and the Zone Gate. Lions are more likely to be seen with the help of a tracker/guide. The “Interpretation zone” at the Safari Park at Devaliya has a few lions. It is 12 kms from Sasan Gir. Permits are available at the Reception here.


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