Gir Lion National Park


Attractions in Gir National Park

The Asiatic Lion - Sasan Gir is the only place in the world outside the African continent where the lion can be seen in its natural habitat. It alone draws hordes of visitors to the park each year. Much of the Asiatic Lion’s time is spent sleeping where the shade is deepest, while the lionesses do the stalking, hunting and cub raising. But, when a kill is made, he is the first to come and claim his share. The best time to observe lions in their natural surroundings is at dawn and dusk, when they are on the prowl. Though the Asiatic lion is an elusive creature, a morning safari renders a good chance of seeing it.
Gir National Park

Crocodile Rearing Center - A crocodile-rearing and research centre is situated next to the Sinh Sadan Lodge, where hatchlings are reared and then released into their natural habitat.

Tulsishyam Hotsprings - Located in the park, two pilgrim centres, Kankai Mata and Tulsishyam temples dedicated to Lord Krishna are worth a look. The focus of these temples is the ‘hot springs’.

Sirvan - This is a unique village where people of African origin, known as Siddhis, live.

Quick Getaways near Gir National Park

Somnath Temple - Somnath is a famous Hindu shrine and a seat of one of the Jyotirlingas. Once, the temple of Somnath was one of the richest shrines in the country. Attacked several times in the 10th and 11th century AD for the riches of the shrine, the temple has been reconstructed after India’s freedom.

Junagadh - Junagadh lies 64 km from Sasan Gir National Park and is an important heritage site. The main places to visit here are Jami Masjid, Uperkot Fort , Durbar Hall Museum,Mahabat Maqbara , and the

Somnath Temple near Gir National Park

temples of Girnar Hills.

Chorwad - Chorwad is a small fishing village around 30 kms off Sasan Gir. It is famous for its rocky shores and boat riding.

Ahmedpur Mandvi - Ahmedpur Mandvi lies about 70 km from Sasan Gir and is one of the finest beaches in India. It is ideal for walks and swimming. A variety of water sports alternatives like water scooters, skiing, surfing, parasailing, and speedboat trips are available here.

Getting There & Away to Gir National Park

Flights to Gir National Park
The nearest airport from Gir is Keshod 90-kms via Veraval. You can easily catch daily flights from Mumbai to Keshod.
Trains to Gir National Park
The nearest rail connection is the meter gauge rail line of 395-kms from Ahmedabad.
Car and Bus service to Gir National Park
Gir is situated at a distance of 400-kms from Ahmedabad via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. State Transport buses are easily available from Junagadh and Veraval to Gir.

Getting Around

Local buses operate along Sasan Gir. Jeeps run between Sasan and the Zone Gate. Lions are more likely to be seen with the help of a tracker/guide. The “Interpretation Zone” at the Safari Park at Devaliya also has a few lions. It is 12 kms from Sasan Gir. Permits are available at the Reception here.
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