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Attractions in Deeg

Gopal Bhawan - This magnificent palace overlooks the Gopal Sagar tank. Two 'monsoon' pavilions flank Gopal Bhawan, namely Sawan and Bhadon named after the monsoon months. Designed like a pleasure barge, water was directed at the rooflines to resemble sheets of rain! The marble swing in front of the palace belonged to empress Noor Jahan. The spacious banquet hall with proportioned pillars, the dining hall in yellow marble with angled window arches, the royal chess room with its hollow section is extremely breathtaking in their formation and design.

Suraj Bhawan - Beyond the Gopal Bhawan is situated the Suraj Bhawan. This houses its own fountains and is especially known for its plant decorations on marble slabs that were probably looted from Agra. Parts of this building also appear to have been taken from other Mughal residences.

Krishna Bhawan - This palace is placed to the south of the central garden. It has an ornamented façade with five arches and many fountains.

Keshav Bhavan - In the southeast corner is this summer pavilion with its many pillars. Surrounded by 500 fountains that are fed by water stored on the roof top reservoir, they spouted colored water to a backdrop of fireworks in the old days. In a watercourse beneath, large iron balls rolled against each other simulating the crash of thunder.
Sheesh Mahal, Deeg

Sheesh Mahal - Situated in the southeast corner is this mirror palace, built in 1725.

Nand Bhawan - To the north of the central garden is a large audience hall. 45 mts long and 6 mts high, it is built on a raised terrace and enclosed by seven arches.

Deeg Fort - Built by Raja Suraj Mal, this fort has striking moats and stands majestically over a slightly elevated point.

Quick Getaways near Deeg

Bharatpur - Situated 34 kms away, Bharatpur is an interesting excursion point. Famous for its rare avian species, this scenic sanctuary has some 353 species living and breeding here. The marshy area is an ideal terrain for migratory birds.

Dholpur - Due to its strategic location (close to both Agra and Delhi), this small state was a witness to many important battles. Jhor, a village 16 kms from Dholpur was the site of the oldest Mogul garden in the subcontinent . Mach Kund , a lake  surrounded by  over a  hundred
Deeg - Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
temples, lies a kilometer away. Surrounding areas like Bari, Damoh, Kanpur Mahal, Van Vihar Wild life Sanctuary offer interesting excursions.

Events in Deeg

During the Monsoon Festival in August every year, 500 fountains spurt colored jets of water while a few cultural festivals are on and produce a dramatic picture.

Getting There & Away to Deeg

Flights to Deeg The nearest airport is 54 kms away at Agra.
Trains to Deeg
The nearest railhead is at Agra. In addition, Bharatpur is also a railway station from where you can trains to Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai.
Car and Bus service to Deeg Deeg is an easy day trip from Bharatpur, Agra, or Delhi by road.
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