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Deeg - The Destination

Deeg is a small town situated in the north Indian state of Rajasthan, around 152 km away from Delhi. Once the summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur, it served as the second capital of the region. This interesting town is strewn with massive fortifications, beautiful gardens, magnificent palaces, and a colorful bazaar.

A small town in the state of Rajasthan in India, Deeg was once the summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur. Today, Deeg is a sleepy  little town , but most of the palaces are in an excellent state of repair.
Deeg Rajasthan
In fact, the palaces still contain some of their original furnishings and some are even looked after by the occasional old family retainer. The palaces were set in extravagantly laid Mogul gardens with placid pools and fountains. There are richly carved cornices, pavilions and eaves. The rooms are filled with trophies collected from Jat adventures in Delhi and Agra. It is said that Raja Suraj Mal actually carried home an entire marble building from Delhi. Much of the inlaid marble here was plundered from Mogul palaces. Gopal Bhavan, completed in 1750 by Raja Suraj Mal, has a marble swing believed to have belonged to emperor Jehangir's queen - the Persian beauty, Noor Jehan. An interesting anecdote is attached to a marble statue of an Englishwoman dressed in a nautch girl's garb. She is said to have been a reigning beauty at the court of Raja Kishen Singh. Though English, she conformed to the Rajputana tradition of sati when the Raja died. The palaces are filled with fascinating articles and features, each with a colorful story of its own.

Deeg, just 39 kms from Krishna's Vrindavan, is also the place where the dark god's gopis (milkmaids) had their skirts embroidered. Their frolic is the subject of a large repertoire of erotic art and literature. Deeg has an interesting bazaar, peopled by tall good-looking Jat farmers in pristine white turbans and dhotis (an unstitched garment wrapped loosely at the waist) and brightly dressed women in swinging skirts. For this farming community, tractors are the main mode of transport, and they trundle along the roads, packed with people going off for a fair or a wedding.

Deeg, with all its colours and charm is a must-visit place during your travel to Rajasthan to experience the real essence of the place.
Deeg - Facts at a Glance

State : Rajasthan
Area : 22 sq km
Temperature : 37°C - 45°C (Summers)
21°C - 31°C (Winters)
Altitude : 205 meters
Language : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season : October – March

History of Deeg

The Jats, a dynasty that dared challenge the power of the Mughals, once ruled Deeg. The living testimony to their rule is a fort constructed during the reign of Surajmal in 1730s. Surajmal was also responsible for the development of the town of Deeg. In 1776, the reign of Jats ended following their defeat in the hands of the imperial Mughal army under Mirza Nazaf Khan. Nevertheless, Deeg was returned after a decade, but it did not remain free for long. It was again seized, this time by new rulers, namely, the British with their peculiar style of gun power and diplomacy. The British set it free not long afterwards in 1805.
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