Jim Corbett National Tiger Reserve Park

Attractions in Corbett  

Cobett National Park

Corbett National Park -Corbett is a haven for tigers as well as its prey, which include four kinds of Deer, Wild Boar and some lesser-known animals. Leopards are mostly found in the hilly areas of the park. Some nocturnal cats found here are the Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat and Fishing Cat. Sloth Bear is seen in the lower regions of the park while the Himalayan Black Bear is seen in the higher hills only. The Dole or Wild Dog, though,can be seen in the southern areas of the park along with the Jackal.

Some of the smaller residents of the park are Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Common Otter, Blacknaped Hare and Porcupine. Elephants feature among one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett Park. Along the Ramganga River shores, one can spot the long-snouted, fish-eating Gharial Crocodile and the ‘Mugger’ Crocodile. Also seen on the rocky hillsides is the Ghoral or Goat Antelopes. The Langur and Rhesus Monkeys are well distributed through out the park and warn the whole Jungle with alarm calls when they see either a Tiger or Leopard from tree-top perches.

Wildlife Viewing - Chital, Sambar, and various other Deer species find shelter in the Savannah grasslands known as the Maidan, behind the campsite to the south, and Tigers are occasionally drawn in looking for prey. Two-hour elephant rides, explore this sea of grass, rarely penetrating far into the deep jungles beyond; try to convince your Mahout or Elephant driver to venture in, as they can be quite magical. Come at dusk or dawn; in the heat of the day you probably won’t come across much more than deer among the tall grass. Tiger-sightings are few and far between, but you may be rewarded with fresh pugmarks.

Jeep Safari in Corbett - Jeep Safaris, are the best way to travel within Corbett National Park, and can be rented for the park trips from Ramnagar, from the KMVN Tourist Lodge and other travel agencies. One bus each day goes to Dikhala from Ramnagar, stopping at the Forest Rest houses en route.

Flora - Corbett National Park is thriving in vegetation, with different kinds of trees and shrubs. The lower ranges of the Park, where the land is flat as compared to the upper reaches, consists of tall and slender Sal trees, Shisham and Khair trees found in the middle reaches, while the upper reaches of the mountains are full of Bakli, Chir, Gurail and bamboo trees. The Park is dotted with lantana shrubs, a species that is a great cause for concern. Imported years ago from America, the lantana shrub ensures that nothing else grows near it. In the Park are found 110 species of trees, 51 species of shrubs, and over 33 species of bamboo and grass that are mostly found in chowds, or meadows.

Ramnagar - Situated in the rich farm belt of Terai, on the southeastern periphery of the great forests, the busy market town of Ramnagar is the main administrative centre for Corbett National Park and Project Tiger. Ramnagar makes a fishing base camp. However, permits to have a go must be sought from the Project Tiger office in Ramnagar.

Getting There & Away to Corbett

Flights to Corbett
Phoolbagh, Pantnagar at a distance of 50-kms is the nearest airport. Delhi at a distance of 300-kms is the nearest international airport.
Trains to Corbett
Ramnagar is on the broad gauge track from where the road transport options have to be availed to reach the park. For faster trains and connections to other parts, change at Moradabad.
Car and Bus service to Corbett
Dhikala is 300-kms from Delhi, 145-kms from Lucknow and 51-kms from Ramnagar. Buses arrive every half hour or so after the eight hour trip from Delhi; Delhi Transport corporation run a semi deluxe service, and most of the alternatives are pretty basic.

Getting Around in Corbett

Elephant rides and jeep rides can be arranged once you reach Corbett National Park. In addition, private vehicles and jeeps are also allowed. We recommend elephant rides as the best way to see the animals.
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