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Attractions in Chittorgarh
Rana Kumbha Palace - Rana Kumbha Palace is an important spot to visit and it is believed that Queen Padmini had performed jauhar in one of its cellars to save her honour.

Vijaya Stambh, Chittorgarh

Tower of Victory (Vijaya Stambh) - The imposing 37 metre high structure with nine storeys, covered with exquisite sculptures of Hindu deities and depicting episodes from the two great epics - Ramayana and Mahabharatha. It was built in 1440 A.D. by Maharana Kumbha, a powerful ruler of Mewar, to celebrate his victory over the Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat.

Tower of Fame (Kirti Stambha) - The 22 metres high tower by a wealthy Jain merchant in the 12th century A.D. The tower is dedicated

to Adinathji, the first of the Jain Tirthankaras and is decorated with figures of the Jain pantheon.

Padmini Palace -
Built beside a pool, the palace is a magnificent one. It was here that Rana Ratan Singh showed a glimpse of queen Padmini to Alauddin Khilji.

Meerabai Temple - The temple where Meerabai worshipped Lord Krishna is built in north Indian style on a raised plinth with a conical roof and beautiful inner sanctum. An open colonnade around the sanctum has four small pavilions in each corner.

Kalika Mata Temple - Originally built as a Sun Temple in the 8th century, the temple was later converted into Kalika Mata Temple in the 14th century A.D., dedicated to the mother Goddess Kali- the symbol of power and valour.

The Chittorgarh Fort - The spirited pride of Chittorgarh, the fort is a massive structure with many gateways built by the later Maurya rulers in 7th century A.D. Placed on a height of 180 m. high hill, it sprawls over 700 acres. The tablets and chattris within are impressive reminders of the Rajput heroism. The fort has many magnificent monuments, all fine examples of the Rajput architecture. The ancient ruins of the fort are is good enough reason to travel to Chittorgarh.
Quick Getaways near Chittorgarh

Nagri - One of the oldest towns in Rajasthan, Nagri is 17 kms north of Chittorgarh. Hindu and Buddhist remains from the Mauryan to the Gupta periods have been found here.

Bassi Wild Life Sanctury - This 50 sq. kms sanctuary near Bassi supports a population of panthers, wild boars, antelopes, mongoose and migratory birds.

Menal & Bijolia - Amidst the natural beauty lies Menal, the town famous for its ancient Shiva temples, picturesque waterfalls and dense forests on the Bundi-Chittaur road.

Fishing Egret in Chitorgarh
Bijolia is situated 16 km from Menal and was once a group of 100 temples. Today, only three are remaining of which one has a huge figure of Ganesh.

Getting There & Away to Chittorgarh

Trains to Chittorgarh It has rail links to cities like Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, and Delhi.
Car and Bus Service to Chittorgarh There are also regular buses for Ajmer, Bundi, Kota, and Udaipur from Chittorgarh.

Getting Around in Chittorgarh

For local transport, you can use auto rickshaws and taxis.

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