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Cholamandal Artist Village near Chennai
Cholamandal Artist Village - Located about 18km south of Chennai, this village has a gallery of fine contemporary paintings and sculptures. Talented painters and master sculptors have settled here to work. Attractive paintings, drawings, sculptures, batiks and graphics can be bought from showrooms.

Anna Zoological Park - More than 30 km from Chennai, the Aringnjar Anna Zoological Park is situated on 1,265 acres of land. The largest of such parks in South Asia, it is also one of the finest in the country.Large enclosures bordered by moats,facilitate free movement.
of the animals in a near-natural environment. Among the biggest draws at the park are the Lion safari, the nocturnal animals enclosure, the reptile enclosures and the Aviary.

Dakshinchitra - It is a unique Heritage village situated at Muttukadu on the new Mamallapuram Coastal Road, 20 km from Chennai. It offers the visitor an unforgettable and authentic insight into the lifestyles of the diverse people of South India. The Arts and Crafts village, Dakshinachitra narrate the story of the South Indian Culture. Architecture of the past 200 years is represented in the real rural setting. Every house is typical of its own professional group. Traders, potters, weavers, and others working in the traditional way make exquisite pottery, baskets, and carved stone items, some of which are for sale. The center is now developed to include the cultural replicas from all four states of South India. Popular folk and classical dance performances can be seen here.

Crocodile Bank - Located about 40 km from Chennai on the way to Mamallapuram, this is a successful crocodile breeding and research centre. Here several species of Indian and African crocodiles and alligators are bred in captivity. The reptiles are kept in their natural habitat in open pools and can be viewed from safe proximity. This farm breeds crocodile to increase the crocodile population in India's wildlife sanctuaries.

- This coastal town, located 58 km from Chennai is home to a number of temples and rock carvings dedicated to either Shiva or Vishnu. The sculptures here show scenes of everyday life - women milking buffaloes, pompous city dignitaries, young girls posing at street corners or swinging their hips in artful postures, in complete contrast to other carvings throughout the state that depict mostly gods and goddesses. Stone carving is still very much alive as about 200 sculptors line the streets and chisel their stone from dawn to dusk.

Kanchipuram - Nearly at a distance of 76 km from Chennai is the famous temple city of Kanchipuram. It was the capital of the Pallavas during 6th-8th centuries. It is renowned for the best quality of silk fabrics available here.

Activities in Chennai

Chennai is one of the important trade centers of south India and is a good place to shop for a large variety of items. You may shop for traditional bell metal items, bronze icons, and stone sculpture, as well as other crafts of the southern region at the local shops of Chennai. Besides these the city of Chennai is famous for the beautiful Kancheepuram hand woven silk sarees. These sarees are renowned for the temple borders and rich zari (gold thread) pallavas. Detailed traditional motifs and bright colours with contrasting borders make these  sarees  absolutely  delightful .  You  may pick up some of these
exquisite souvenirs for your loved ones in silver, copper, bronzed and wood, available in various government emporia and private stores.Even the jewelry made from uncut precious stones make excellent gift items. The shopping spree at Chennai will complete the holiday.

Chennai is noted for its delectable South Indian cuisine. From the idli, vada, idiyappam to the uppuma and dosa, Chennai provides delicious variety for the tastebuds.

Events in Chennai

Music Festival - Come December, and Chennai celebrates her priceless heritage of Carnatic music and dance to present a galaxy of star artistes, old and new.

Pongal - Pongal is an important festival of Tamil Nadu, which is celebrated to mark the withdrawal of the Southeast monsoons as well as the reaping of the harvest. The festival is celebrated for four days and the Sun is worshipped for his rays are responsible for the life on earth. The name of the festival is derived from Pongal, a rice pudding made from freshly harvested rice, milk and jaggery. The first day, Bhogi Pongal, is a day for the family. Surya Pongal, the second day, is dedicated to the worship of Surya, the Sun God. The third day of Pongal, Mattu Pongal, is for the worship of the cattle. The cattle are bathed, their horns polished and painted in bright colours, and garlands of flowers placed around their necks. Pongal is associated with cleaning and burning of rubbish, symbolizing the destruction of evil.

Tourist Fair - In January, the sun gets into a pleasant holiday mood and Chennai gets a cool break from the hot weather! Time for family outings to the colourful TTDC Trade Fair. The exhibition presents a panorama of Tamil Nadu - all her places of tourist interest, her cultural wealth and economic progress.

Getting There & Away to Chennai

Flights to Chennai
Chennai is an international airport with flight connections to all major parts of the world. Regular flights also connect Chennai with all the major cities of India.
Trains to Chennai
Regular train services connect Chennai directly with all major cities of the country. Suburban Electric trains run from Beach station to Tambaram and from Central to Gummidipoondi and Arakonam.
Car and Bus service to chennai
Chennai being the gateway to the south is connected by excellent roads to all parts of the south.
There is a sea line connecting Chennai to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Getting Around in Chennai

Taxis, auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are available for local transport. In fact, all types of tourist vehicle are easily available on hire.
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