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Attractions in Champaner

Jami Masjid - This large, ornate mosque built in 1523 is a typical example of Gujarati architecture. Supported by 172 pillars, its minars rise upto 100 feet. Among its other special features are the oriel windows, and the central dome with beautifully carved balconies between the tiers. The unique fusion of Islamic and Jain traditions in this monument is extremely attractive.

Nagina Masjid - Another attractive monument, built with a white and gracious gateway, it boasts of a well-proportioned arcade with columns on each side of a square under a central dome.

Chauhan Rajputs monumets - One can visit the Patai Rawal Palace, the Makai Kota which is a domed granary, the Lakulisha Temple dating back to the 11th / 12th century and some old wells of this period.


Pavagarh Fort - 4 kms south east of Champaner, another well known and ancient fort of Gujarat dominates the skyline and can be seen from miles away. Spread over a large area, the fort rises in three stages: first, the rained part, second, the palace and middle fort and, finally, the upper fort with Jain and Hindu temples (important places of pilgrimage). The temple at the summit had its spire replaced by a shrine to the Muslim saint, Sadan Shah. 

Events in Champaner

Champaner celebrates with great gusto the Mahakali festival in the month of March/April, which is held in honor of the great goddess Mahakali.

Getting There & Away to Champaner

Flights to Champaner The nearest airport to Champaner is Vadodara (46 km).
Trains to Champaner Champaner Road is a railway station on Vadodara-Godhara railway line.
Car and Bus service to Champaner Champaner is connected by road to Vadodara (46 km), Ahmedabad (159 km)
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