Attractions in Bundi


Taragarh Fort at Bundi

Taragarh or The Star Fort - Built in 1354 A.D., the fort is one of the most remarkable forts of Rajasthan. Perched on a thickly wooded hill is this marvelous white fort with a huge reservoir which once supplied water to the palace.

Chhattar Mahal or Palace or Towers - A steep, paved carafe-way is the only way to reach the monument. Of special interest in the palace is the Hazari Pol or Gate of the thousand, the Naubat Khana, the Hathi Pol with its old water clock and the Diwann - e- Aam.

Nawal Sagar
- Visible from the fort is the square artificial lake of Nawal Sagar, broken up by tiny islets. A temple dedicated to Varuna, the Aryan god of water, stands half submerged in the centre of the lake. The reflection of the entire city and its palaces can be seen in the lake-making it a unique attraction of Bundi.

Raniji-ki-Baori - This 46 m. deep stepped well has some superb carvings on its pillars and a high arched gate built in 1699 A.D. by Rani Nathavatji. This well is one of the largest of its kind.

Chaurasi Khambo ki Chhatri - An amazingly magnificent memorial with 84 pillars in a single cenotaph along with a Shiva lingam, it was erected by Rao Anirudh.

Quick Getaways near Bundi

Rameshwaram - Situated 20 km away the cave temple of Lord Shiva surrounded by the Aravalli ranges.

Keshavraipatan - 45 kms away, it is an ancient city famous for the temple of Keshavraiji (Vishnu). The architecture and sculpture at this temple is unique. It was constructed in the year 1601 A.D. by Maharaja Shartusal of Bundi. A famous Jain Temple is also to be found here.

Bijolia -
An ancient fort and the city of Bijolia is situated on the Bundi-Chittorgarh road, 50 km away. A high paved courtyard on the side of the fort has a large temple of Lord Shiva in its centre with a fine image of Lord Ganesha standing as a guardian at the entrance. A carved archway leads to the temple.

Menal - The Menal River runs over a bed of granite slabs and plunges into a cavernous 122 metres deep gorge, 70 km. On the other side of the broken wall is the temple complex with fascinating carvings  on  the
Menal near Bundi
walls of the shrine that depict various Hindu deities. It is located on the Chittorgarh- Bundi road.

Talwas - A magnificent fort built by the ruler Ajit Singh, 53 km away. A temple of Dhooleshwar Mahadev and a picturesque waterfall adjoining the fort are worth a visit. The beautiful Ratna Sagar Lake is close by and is a haven for fauna like bear and deer during the monsoon.
Festivals in Bundi

Celebrated in July/August, this festival is different from the usual Teej festivities. Unlike Teej, which is celebrated on the third day of the month of Shravana, Kajli Teej is celebrated on the third day of the month of Bhadra.

An exuberant procession of Teej in a decorated palanquin, starts from the beautiful Naval Sagar and culminates at the Azad Park. Cultural performances by the local artistes as well as by artistes from Hadoti region are part of the celebrations. Though the Teej procession is carried out for only two days, the festivities continue till the eighth day, finally ending on Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

Getting There & Away to Bundi

Trains to Bundi
Bundi does not have an airport. It has a small railway station located to the south of the town. Bundi is well connected with Agra and Kota by trains. One can also take trains from Kota, which is 36 km from Bundi and is an important railhead.
Car and Bus Service to Bundi
Bundi is also well linked by bus with Ajmer (5 hours), Kota (1 hour), Udaipur (9 hours) and Jaipur (5 hours). The main bus stand is 1 km north of the railway station.

Getting Around in Bundi

You can move around the town using auto-rickshaws and take taxis to visit places around. Bikes are also available on hire.
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