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Bikaner The Destination


The royal city with a timeless charm. Bikaner retains the medieval splendor that encompasses the city’s lifestyle. Popularly known as the camel country, the city is renowned for the best riding camels in the world. An inseparable part of the desert land, be it pulling heavy carts, transporting grains or working on wells, camels are the prime helpers.

Travel to Bikaner Fort

Famed for its bhujia (traditional India savoury), Bikaner was founded was Rao Bikaji, hence the name. The strategic location of Bikaner on the ancient caravan routes that came from west/central Asia, made it a prime trade center in the times of the year. The magnificent forts and palaces created with delicacy in reddish-pink, sandstone, bear testimony to its historical and architectural legacy. The wells of Bikaner, an important source of water, are another attraction of the city. These are constructed on high plinth with slender minaret towers on each of the four corners and can be noticed even from a distance.

Bikaner offers several attractions to the tourists besides the exotic camel safaris. You can visit the majestic forts or go to the Mata Karni temple where rats are considered sacred and worshipped. The camel festival held in the month of January is also an event worth witnessing. Some of the major attractions around the city are Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Camel Breeding Farm, Gajner Palace, Deshnoke Temple and Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum.

Undulating lanes, colorful bazaars and bright and cheerful folks—these and much more will make you return to this land of wonders, time and again…

Bikaner - Facts at a Glance

State : Rajasthan
Area : 38 .10 sq km
Temperature : 22 C – 41.8 C (Summer)
5 C - 23.2 C (Winter)
Rainfall : 26 – 44 cm
Altitude : 237 mts
Language : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season : October - March
History of Bikaner

Bikaner's history dates back to 1488 AD when a Rajput prince Rao Bikaji, son of the founder of Jodhpur (1459 AD), Rao Jodhaji, established his kingdom here. Bikaji chose a barren land called Jungladesh and fashioned it into a remarkable city, called Bikaner after the founder's name. Archeological surveys and excavations have established beyond doubt that civilization flourished here even before the Harappa period. Excavated statues, coins and carvings of stones and clay stand testimony to this fact.

Ever since the foundation of Bikaner till its accession into Indian Union in 1947 A.D. and thereafter it's integration in Rajasthan state in 1949 A.D., Bikaner has played a notable role in the history of the country. Bikaner has produced several able Generals and warriors and distinguished rulers and just to name of few Raja Rai Singhji-One of Akbar's most distinguished Generals. Another famous name is Raja Anup Singh who ascended the throne in AD 1669 a scholar and warrior. His period has been described as "the golden time of Bikaner valor and fame".

In the modern period Bikaner witnessed the most outstanding Ruler, namely Maharaja Ganga Singh who ruled for 56 years. Today, the city is developing fast into an industrial and tourism center.
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