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Bekal Fort

Lying 16 km south of Kasaragod town, north Kerala, Bekal is renowned for the Bekal Fort which has a giant keyhole shaped fort, golden stretch of a beautiful beach surrounding it, backwaters, hill destinations and water sport facilities. This magnificent historical fort presents an excellent view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, where a few centuries ago huge cannons were strategically placed.

The beaches at Kasargod are slowly attracting visitors as well. However,the local fishermen who are the primary users of the beaches.

here, are not very accustomed to sun bathers aspiring for a glorious tan, you may also become the object of unwanted attention. Nevertheless, it is a matter of timing, and you may find a corner to escape unnoticed.

This landscape of ethereal quality, its never-ending grasslands and sea views possesses all the potential to be developed into a superb tourist destination.

Bekal Facts at a Glance

State : Kerala
Best Season :
The best time to enjoy the beaches of Bekal is between November and April. The weather is pleasantly sunny and warm. Just perfect for a wonderful holiday.

Attractions in Bekal

The Fort - This fort is more than 300 years old and is believed to have been built in the 1650's by Sivappa Naik of the Ikkeri dynasty. There is also another belief that it was originally built by the Kolathiri Rajas and later captured by Sivappa Naik. The fort, a magnificent circular structure of laterite rising 130 ft. above sea level, stands on a 35 acre headland that runs into the Arabian sea. The fort with its zigzag entrance, strategically designed openings on the outer walls for defense and trenches around, has no palaces inside and was probably built just for defence purposes. The sea bastion, underground tunnels

Bekal Fort
and the observation tower in the fort are impressive. The Bekal Fort has been a source of attraction for historians, tourists and nature-lovers for centuries since it embodies memories of a glorious past.

Pallikere Beach
- This beautiful stretch of shallow waters and beach, placed only a km away from the Bekal Fort, offers a magnificent view of the Bekal fort. The public beach has ample space for recreation and relaxation. With international standard facilities to be developed here, Pallikere will soon rank among the best beaches in the country.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park - North of the fort is located the unique 'Aqua Park', the only one of its kind in north Malabar. Here, pedal boats and water cycles offer long hours of relaxation on the cool stretches of the Bekal Hole backwaters.

Kappil Beach - The Kappil Beach, remote and secluded is fast becoming an appealing destination, with an unmatched experience of wide beaches and calm waters. The Kodi cliff nearby, offers a panoramic view of blue skies and rolling sands.

Anandasram - Situated 15 km from Bekal, this internationally renowned spiritual centre founded by Swami Ramdas in 1939, offers a quiet, peaceful ambience best suited for meditation and spiritual studies.

Ananthapura Lake Temple - 30 km distance from Bekal, this is the only lake temple in Kerala. It is regarded as the 'moolasthanam' (original seat) of Anathapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmanabha Swami temple, Thiruvananthapuram.

Valiyaparamba - At a distance of 30 km from Bekal, this is probably the most scenic backwater stretch in Kerala. Supplied with water by four rivers and dotted with numerous little islands, Valiyaparamba is fast turning into a much favoured backwater resort offering enchanting boat cruises.

Getting There & Away in Bekal

Flights to Bekal
Nearest airports are at Mangalore (50 km); Karipur International Airport, Calicut (Kozhikode) (about 200 km)
Trains to Bekal Bekal is located on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route.
Car & Bus service in Bekal
There are regular buses every 30 minutes from Kanjagad to Bekal. An excellent network of roads connects Kesaragod to major towns in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
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