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Ajmer - The Destination

Ajmer Dargah Sarrif

Situated in the green oasis wrapped in the rocky hills of Aravalli, Ajmer has been a witness to an interesting past. The city was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th Century A.D. and continued to be a major center of the Chauhan power till 1193 A.D. when Prithviraj Chauhan lost it to Mohammed Ghauri. Since then, Ajmer became home to many dynasties, which came and left leaving behind indelible marks of their culture and traditions on the city’s history, converting it to an amalgam of various cultures and blend of Hinduism and Islam.

It is the place where two cultures meet. With temples and mosques close to each other, the harmonious blend of Hinduism and Islam gives this town a unique character. Undeniably, Ajmer is a true amalgam of rich Hindu and Islamic heritage. The sacred lake of Pushkar is believed by Hindus to be as old as creation, as the temple of Brahma has been a place of pilgrimage from time immemorial.

Today, Ajmer is a popular pilgrimage center for the Hindus as well as Muslims. The great Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti of Persia was buried here, and his Dargah is equally sacred to the followers of Islam and Hinduism alike. The Emperor Akbar made an annual visit to the shrine of the saint, sometimes on foot, as an ordinary pilgrim would.

Ajmer is also the base for visiting Pushkar (11 km.), the abode of Lord Brahma, lying to its west with a temple and a picturesque lake. The Pushkar lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. During the month of Kartik (Oct./Nov.), devotes throng in large numbers here to take a dip in the sacred lake.

Ajmer is a charming place to visit during winter. Busy with life, its galis (lanes) tempt you to take off on small journeys and expeditions. Do try out the numerous shops and stalls for crafts on display, you never know which one might offer you a better bargain. It is easy to lose yourself in such surroundings, feeling as though you were in some early 19th century Indian town.

Ajmer Facts at a Glance

State : Rajasthan
Area : 55.76 sq kms
Temperature : 27 C – 38 C (Summer)
5/4 C – 23 C (Winter)
Rainfall : 40 – 50 cm
Language : Rajasthani, Urdu, Hindi, English, Singhi
Best Season :
The best time to visit Ajmer is either in the winter months from
November to March or more specifically during the annual Urs of Moinuddin Chisti in May or in November at the time of the Pushkar Fair.
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