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Seton Hall University
April 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Magow:
After a wonderful visit to India, the students of Doing Business in India course offered at Seton Hall University are back home with a lot of good memories. On behalf of the students and myself, I write this note to thank you, Mr. Rajat Kanti Goswami, and Mr. Nimit Sharma for planning and executing our trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai. A number of students have made complementary comments about it. It definitely has left a good impression of India on them. In particular, the hotels were good, the coaches clean and the staff very courteous. Your organization mostly did come up to my high expectations. My trust in Make My Trip was built by the professionalism that Mr. Goswami showed from the first day he met me at my office in New Jersey. The planning of our trip by Make My Trip well reflected the experience and connections in the India travel business of the personnel with whom we worked at your various locations. I could very well say that Make My Trip did everything possible to make this trip the way it came out. I particularly appreciate the flexibility your management showed in working with me to set the itinerary and to adjust the number of students in line with our changing needs. Being the first iteration of our Doing Business in India course, I do realize that there were a number of things we could do on both sides to make this experience even better next time. Some of these I will email to Mr. Goswami in next couple of days.

Make My Trip representative met us at Delhi airport on arrival and stayed with us until we left for home at Mumbai airport. He was very open to any last minute changes and almost always accommodated whatever we wanted, whether it had to do with the time or any locale of our activities. I also appreciate Make My Trip’s effort in representing our contacts at various organizations where we had academic activities, such as Delhi University. We also appreciate Make My Trip hiring specialist guides for us at every location. That made the communication of the site information very authentic, which was important given that the group was made of students of an academic course at a university. Thank you again for arranging our trip.         A. D. Amar, PhD
University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Rajat - Thank you so much for assisting Subash and me with logistics and lodging arrangements for the Nov. 5-16 study trip of the UMUC students.  I know the constant adjustments in the schedule and the problems students had with their luggage and schedules kept you and your staff hopping, but your response was always pleasant and helpful. The Heritage Village Club is an ideal setting despite the logistics.  It has a wonderful Indian feel about it, and the architecture as well as the service were marvelous.  When I return to India, it will be a place I would like to revisit. Best regards.
Carnegie Mellon University
Hello.  I miss India.  The trip was over so quickly, and when we got back Gerard and I had to deal with missing two weeks of work. We’re still far too busy to reflect on the trip, to sort our photos, etc.   Since it is summer vacation here, all the faculty and students are gone from the campus as well. One issue that CMU is pressing me on is budget and receipts.  I noticed that you charged my credit card on June 1 for $125.  I assume this is the 5000 rupee Airtel charge?!  Is there any way to send me a receipt for this, either a copy of the receipt from Airtel, or some other way to document that this was for a cell phone?  Then I could also give that receipt to my brother-in-law, who owns the phone I used.  I hope you can send me a receipt. Both Gerard and I want to thank you for a super trip; the travel arrangements were excellent.  We will talk to CMU travel abroad people in the late summer when they return.  If you want to use us as a reference, I’d be glad to help.
Kai K. Gutschow, PhD
University of Indianapolis

Chitrak: Feel free to forward any of this to Nimit, or let me know and I would be pleased to do send him a note. I think that all of the people who worked on arranging our trip and hosting us while we were there did a superb job. Please make sure that everyone knows how much we enjoyed our travels and meeting everyone that played a role in putting our trip together. Our experiences with our tour guide, the drivers, and the special guides all made our trip more enjoyable. Each one provided us with an introduction to the culture and history of your country. In addition, they showed us many things that enabled us to witness the wonderful things that are new for India. Especially having the opportunity to visit your company and IBM - these were quite edifying experiences and we thank you for hosting us.We also enjoyed our visit to Dubai, especially being exposed to this unique country. Please make certain to especially recognize Hamish (please forgive the spelling), as he was an absolutely delightful guide. He was quite perceptive of our group and seemed to know how to best meet our needs. Lastly, please make sure to recognize him as well as the other employees that went out of their way to make sure Dave's cell phone was secure. Their doing that was really more than either of us expected. All in all, we had a wonderful experience and again, appreciate everything that you and your employees did to create it.
Chitrak Banerjee - Program Manager
Chapin School
Dear Rajat

I am back in New York after what I would call a very exciting, successful trip to India. I cannot thank you enough for arranging everything.

First of all, I appreciate the care took in ensuring that all the important details worked out to meet our needs. The trip was extremely well organized with high standards of communication at every level. "Able, courteous, and willing to serve!" - that seems to be your motto. And I am going to recommend to whoever is planning to visit India either in a group or alone. Your company makes me proud of being an Indian.

A word about Rohit Jain: When you first said you will put someone in charge of the entire trip, I wasn't honestly expecting the kind of professionalism and efficiency Rohit demonstrated throughout our entire trip. He is truly a gem of a person, always looking out for the best interests of the group he is leading. His presence made the trip much more enjoyable than would have been otherwise. He made sure that every restaurant and hotel we visited and bus we rode met the high standards you had promised. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and extremely understanding.

Perhaps we will cross our paths again in the future.
Thank you so much.
Prasad R. Akavoor, Ph. D - Chair, Science Department
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