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There is no better way to build grey matter, to learn and understand, than through first hand experience. MakeMyTrip’s tailor-made Study Tours let you broaden your intellectual horizons and expand your knowledge base. Always planning one step ahead to suit your every requirement, and yet giving you unheard of flexibility, MakeMyTrip ensures you receive gainful insights and varied exposure in your chosen field of study.
Why choose India for a Study Tour?
India, one of the largest rapidly-growing economies in the world, is a country that is constantly undergoing a million myriad changes, with untiring infrastructural, urban, and rural development programs and reforms. A showcase of what really works and what doesn’t in a developing economy, India has invaluable lessons to offer everyone, from innovative economic development methods and solutions, to unique and ingenious business strategies. To the receptive mind, there are infinite revelations and inspirations to be found here. However, India is more than just an emerging global player. It is a truly fascinating and unique playground, and every facet of the country gifts you a learning experience – a glimpse into the India’s enormity and intricacies. A vibrant nation, India is a diverse treasure trove of cultures, languages, traditions, arts, cuisines, and humanity. With ancient traditions that blend seamlessly with its modern advancements, India’s unique heritage is a wonder to behold, an inspiring and unforgettable journey of the mind, body, and soul.
What does a Study Tour experience in India include?
A typical 13 to 15 day India Study Tour program offers exposure to “real” India, including its industries, trade bodies and NGOs. Depending on their area of interest and specialization, students can get in-depth exposure to fields like health care and medicine, infrastructure and rural development, land development, manufacturing, social study, real estate, outsourcing processes and business management, among many other fields of research and development. Students will have an opportunity to visit various corporate houses for panel discussions and factory visits, as well as meet important trade bodies. In addition, students will experience the varied socio-cultural aspects of the country, through sightseeing and participation in cultural events.
How can MakeMyTrip help you organize a Study Tour in India?
MakeMyTrip is the largest online company for travel related services, with wide range of products and the best pricing in the market. With its proven track record, relevant experience, and wide industry network, MakeMyTrip can design a Study Tour to India as per your specific budget and requirements. This entails handling all the logistics of booking air tickets; arranging accommodation, dining, and transportation; as well as planning detailed day-to-day itineraries and organizing special events/meetings/visits. In addition, every MakeMyTrip Study Tour is accompanied by an experienced in-house tour coordinator who will guide and escort you throughout your entire tour. MakeMyTrip can also create a micro-site exclusively for your University/Institute.

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