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Oklahoma City as its name shows is the biggest city & region in the states of Oklahoma. It has also a county seat in the states of Oklahoma. This city comes at the number of 31 in the list of United States of America regarding the population. According to the census held by United States Bureau it has a vast population of about 579,999. Its dominant area consists of a population of 1,252,987. It has also been graded at the position of number eight as the biggest city of United States in terms of land area.

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The features include a quality of having a huge market of livestock in the world. It has many natural & essential resources like petroleum, natural gas & oil. These features help to boost up the economy of this city. This also helps its resident to improve their standard of living. The federal government also provides the grants & subsidies to help them out. The government recently employed many workers at Tinker Air Force Base. This city was discovered in the year of 1988. Its population grew faster than any other country when it was found out. This city also bore a bombing attack due to which many people lost their lives.

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