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The most famous city of Uttar Pradesh with modest and humble people of Lucknow is the most important magnetism that has produced waves all around the country. Residents of Lucknow can be distinguished anywhere immediately by the softness with which they speak. The town which is famous for the nawabs and Kababs, Lucknow travel around is a preferred choice for all those who are starving to conduct experiment with dissimilar cuisines. And believe it or not Lucknow actually serves spectacular cuisines to satisfy and quench every taste bud. Lucknow has many places of attractions that will keep you occupied the whole day.

People of USA have shown a lot of interest in Lucknow. With the latest monuments coming up in Lucknow and  the place raising standards each day people from USA have thronged this place. There are numerous flights to Lucknow from the major cities of USA like Atlanta, Washington, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, and Houston etc.

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