Air India Flight Schedule

Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

BOMZRH Air India (AI 7701) Check Time MTWTF-- 5h 25m & Non Stop Book now

BOMMUC Air India (AI 8765) Check Time MTWT--- 4h 55m & Non Stop Book now

DELDMM Air India (AI 913) Check Time MTWTFS- 1h 30m & Non Stop Book now

DELZRH Air India (AI 7703) Check Time M-WTF-S 5h 5m & Non Stop Book now

BOMBKK Air India (AI 330) Check Time M------ 5h 45m & Non Stop Book now

DELFRA Air India (AI 8761) Check Time MTWTF-- 4h 40m & Non Stop Book now

DELRUH Air India (AI 925) Check Time -T----S 2h & Non Stop Book now

PNQFRA Air India (AI 8767) Check Time M-WT--- 6h 45m & Non Stop Book now

MAACMB Air India (AI 273) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 20m & Non Stop Book now

BOMMRU Air India (AI 6749) Check Time M-W-F-- 4h 30m & Non Stop Book now

Air IndiaAir India is national flag carrier of India and it started to give air services since October 15th, 1932. Initially its name was Tata Airlines but later it changed. It is India’s first international airline offers a distinctive look with a red colored flying swan. It provides luxurious air services to international passengers at economical costs and discounted fares. It provides full air services to passengers. These luxurious services include plush interiors, flight cuisines, professional services, comfortable seats cum beds. It offers efficient service and good value for money.

Air India offers many international flights but US is the most important international destination and a large number of passengers travel between India and United states. We can say that this airline is main transport system between US and India.

Air India Top Routes

Air India flights are specially designed according to requirement of traveler across the world. Since it provides best services to passengers, people from all over the world especially from US chose it for air travel. It is the first choice of business man and professionals. A range of luxurious and comfort services are offered to passengers on board. The meals either vegetarian or non vegetarian are hygienically packed. All meal provided to passengers are prepared by famous hotels and restaurants like the Taj Group, the Ambassador Group. These all hotels are famous for serving quality food items. The main cuisines served during boarding are Parmesan Cheese Omelet, Grilled Lamb chops and Chicken malai kebabs. Vintage wine is also available but it is served on demand. Entertainment services like audio and video are also available during travel. You can place an order for it.

Air India is the most trusted name for flights to India from different countries. Air ticket booking with this airline is more popular among non resident Indians who want to travel to India for a holiday vacation. Air India flight tickets booking easily can be done with the help of internet. It provides affordable flight ticket booking between United States and India. Various flights are offered to different US cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco etc.

If you live in US and want to spend your holidays in India then Air India is the best medium to travel between these two countries. You can get cheap flight tickets with this airline. Flight tickets booking with Air India from US to all main cities of India are available. This airline also has a subsidiary airline named Air India Express. It is also a low cost carrier for international destinations. In recent years this airline also has announced addition of economy class seats at the cost of business class seats in its 24 narrow body aircraft. The economy seats have been offered to increase number of passengers in future. The low weight and high efficiency Airbus 321 and Airbus 320 are the newly added ones. Hence we can say that Air India is Maharaja of Indian skies and it is the best medium of travel from international destination to India and from India to other international destinations. Less
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